Lucky Seven, back-to-blogging edition

Chess Match will return tomorrow, so check back then. But in the meantime, let’s get back to another, formerly regularly-scheduled, old feature. Here’s a Lucky Seven for your conversational enjoyment.

1. Risking TLR’s wrath, how many home runs will Colby Rasmus hit this year? How about David Freese?
2. What’s one thing about the 2010 Cardinals through 22 games that has been different from what you expected?
3. What’s one aspect of the team you still think needs to be upgraded?
4. Who’s the best player in the National League not named Albert Pujols?
5. Who’s the best pitcher in the National League?
6. What’s your favorite dish at any restaurant in StL? (Or in your town, if you’re not in StL)
7. Who you got in the Derby?


1. 28; 19
2. all of the strikeouts. particularly from pujols.
3. depth. if aaron miles is our insurance, we may encounter a problem.
4. chase utley
5. tim lincecum
6. veggie burrito at los palmas (the suburbs)
7. the infield

1. Colby with 33 jacks. Mr. Freese with 18.
2. The bullpen is much better than I expected.
3. Brendan Ryan’s bat.
4. Tim Lincecum
5. Tim Lincecum
6. Slinger from the City Diner
7. Icebox

1. Betting Colby and Freese end up with about 40-45 homers between them, with most coming from Colby. Maybe a 30/15 split.

2. Definitely didn’t expect Brendan Ryan to struggle so much, and I also didn’t expect our starters as a whole to be so rock solid, 1-5 spot.
It’s been a long time since Cardinals fans could count on 5-6 solid (Lohse a little shaky) innings every day.

3. LH power/seasoned vet to come off bench, little more secure bullpen from right side, and Brendan’s bat.

4. Carlos Gonzalez

5. Ubaldo Jimenez

6. In STL- Imo’s pizza (pepperoni, old school guy here), Where I live- Memphis- BBQ Nachos by the Rendezvous (At AZP), or a Huey Burger from Huey’s

7. Homeboykris, Torre’s horse.


1. 30 and 17
2. Jaime Garcia pitching like a top of the rotation ace.
3. Manufacturing runs without the long ball
4. Chase Utley
5. Lincecum with Wainwright a very close second.
6. Pepperoni, mushroom, bacon from Imos.
7. A horse, probably.

1. 28 for Colby, 12 for Freese
2. The inconsistency of the hitting. Way below capability.
3. Bench management.
4. Chase Utley
5. He has been a little shaky his last couple starts, but I still say Adam Wainwright. Curveball is unmatched.
6. I don’t eat out much…
7. Not a race fan…

This isn’t quite in line with the “Lucky Seven” but I wanted to say that I live in Pennsylvania and went to opening day in St. Louis. Actually was there for the weekend. Had dinner at Mike Shannon’s and got a private tour of the basement rooms.
It was a great meal and the service was superb and the tour gave me chills. It was my first time in St. Louis and it was a great experience.

Lucky seven 1. 28 and 19 2. Bullpen looks a little weak.

3. Bullpen, another left hand bat off the bench. 4. Chase Utley

5. Wainwright 6. Pizza at Stephanina’s 7. I don’t

1. 25/18
2. Lack of offensive production from the middle infield; Garcia.
3. Left handed bench
4. Ryan Braun
5. Lincecum
6. Pretty much anything at El Fuego (I’m in Milwaukee – check the place out next time you’re here. It’s near the airport.)
7. N/A

1. 22/16.
2. Actually, nothing. So far the season is fitting the “If all goes well, then …” hopes that masquerade as expectations. On an individual basis, I didn’t expect Penny to be quite this good, but with the team as a whole, no real surprises yet.
3. A lockdown right-handed reliever or two would be nice.
4. Hanley Ramirez or Chase Utley. Braun may be the best non-AP hitter, but there’s more to baseball than bashing.
5. Lincecum, with Waino, Halladay, Johnson, Carp and Hamels all in the discussion, in that order.
6. Living near Santa Fe, NM, my list wouldn’t exactly be typical for Cards fans … For New Mexican cuisine, Gabriel’s; otherwise, India House.
7. No opinion, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Torre’s horse win.

Sorry to followup my own post, but I misread Q #6. Favorite dish is sag paneer at India House.

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