Lucky Seven, Oh-No-A-Losing-Streak Edition

1. Keeping in mind actual baseball and personal realities, what’s the best course of action regarding Kyle Lohse? Try to skip him once or twice as off days allow? Send him to the ‘pen? DL him with a phantom injury? Stay the course? And, again, understand that you are talking about a veteran with pull in the clubhouse and $30 million or so left on his contract. And if you replace him, you have to replace him WITH someone.

2. Keeping in mind actual baseball and personal realities, what’s the best course of action at shortstop? Keep playing Ryan till he gets sorted out? Play Greene regularly till Lopez comes back? Spot Greene here and there? Just make do until Lopez returns and then play Lopez semi-regularly? 
3. Who should lead off for the Cardinals against left-handed pitchers?
4. What’s the best single pitch on the Cardinals’ staff? Penny’s fastball? Wainwright’s curve? Franklin’s knuckler? (just checking if you’re paying attention) Something else entirely?
5. Which team is the biggest surprise, whether it be positive or negative, in the National League thus far?
6. Preakness: who ya got?
7. It’s been a really amazing year for music already. What’s your favorite album of the year to date?


Not sure if they qualify as this years albums, but am really enjoying the new Sick Puppies Tri-Polar and 30 Seconds to Mars This Is War..Wannos curve gets my vote..Schu stays in lineup, lefties or righties..keep throwing Lohse out there a bit longer, I sense to much pride to let it drag on, at least I hope…Ryan stays at short, but spot him more often in order to keep bench going, when he hits he plays everyday..great work Matthew

1. Stay the course. Not much else you can do without getting super creative. I don’t think when it all boils down to it that he’s as bad as his stats have provided in the past year and a half. I think he can be salvaged, but I honestly don’t know the logistics; I’m not a pitching coach.

2. Brendan Ryan’s issues are entirely solvable. Dude’s very talented with the glove, enough to the point that if he Adam Everett’s the bat, it’s still worth having him in the line-up. You can tell this is just between the ears, a lack of confidence. That said, don’t trot him out there nightly if he keeps struggling. Make sure to distinguish that you sit him for HIM, not for the betterment of the team. It’s a delicate situation, but nothing like Khalil Greene or Chuck Knoblauch. Brendan’s a guy who plays his heart out, this is clearly just a confidence issue. Prediction: his glove issues clear up once he’s away from the pressure of the home crowd. If not, he needs to grow the ‘stache back.

3. Colby! I kid, of course. Flip once he’s back, easy choice IMO.

4. Waino’s dropout-clockout, easily. You think it’s noon one minute and before you know it, your shift is done at six. Si’down!

5. Braves. I expected them to roll away with the Wild Card, to tell the truth. The injury to Jurrjens has hurt their staff considerably, and taken a solid 1-2-3 rotation in Hudson, Hanson, and Jurrjey out of the element. More surprising is the fact that Heyward is the only guy on their offense producing ANYTHING, and even then his clip is so low that he only presents an Adam Dunn-esque presence. An easy walk if no one is going to produce power.

6. The horse who won’t get killed afterwards? Dunno, not into animal sports.

7. Enjoying the latest from Laura Marling. Sultry, smooth voice. The type of woman who could purr and melt the spinal column of every man in a 20 mile radius. Brilliant, sexy, shockingly gorgeous.

1. I suppose sending him to AAA to get straight is out of hte question but I think that’s what he needs. I thought that I heard Hraboski (sp?) say that he isn’t throwing his sinker (which was one of his best pitches 2 years ago) because he can’t get it down in the zone. Well if that’s true maybe he needs to work on it OUT of the rotation. So maybe DL backdated and then some rehab time in AAA.

2. I would stay with Ryan with some spot starts by Greene (Lopez when he returns). I think Ryan has the potential to be a great SS. Several of hi errors are because he gets to balls and hasn’t yet got the maturity to put it in his pocket so he ends up making an off-balance throw which results in an error. It’s true that his offensive output is horrid but hopefully he can get back closer to 2009 form. I’d at least give him more time.

3. This is a tough one. I guess Lopez when he gets back but how about Freese? Maybe even stay with Schumaker and have him work on hitting lefties. I don’t know. I guess this is why TLR gets the big bucks.

4. Wainwright’s curve ball. No contest.

5. The Padres and the Nationals so far.

1. I think that you have to stick with him. I think he was given a contract when he was still a little unproven as he posted his first 10+ win season in 4 years. That being said, they saw something in him that they must have liked to had him the contract that he got. I think that they have to keep showing confidence in him that he’ll turn it around and let him work things out. Duncan can work his magic again, can’t he?

2. I think that this is similar to the Lohse situation, minus the contract. The Cardinals have committed to Ryan being their shortstop and I think that they need to show Ryan that they’re confident that he still is their shortstop. Starting Green today was needed for Ryan to regroup after a non-Ryan-like defensive home stand. But again, I think that they need to let him work it out he’ll get there. There’s not doubt that the guy’s a vacuum in the field. We don’t expect much from him at the plate, but keep giving him ABs and he’s bound to string something together. After all, he is in the Majors for a reason.

4. I like Franklin’s knuckler personally.😉
But in all honesty, I’ll throw out Garcia’s Curve/Slurve. Definitely not better than Waino’s ridiculous not-even-beginning-to-be-fair-curve, but it’s exceeded my expectations thus far.

5. Raise your hand if you saw the Nationals 4 games above .500, trailing the Phillies by only 1.5 games and currently tied for th wild card spot. ‘Nuff said. Although I also didn’t see the Padres off to the monster start they have had.

1. stick with lohse. no need to panic yet. he loves pitching here and no one is more critical of kyle than kyle.

2. personally, i think it’s lopez’s job. however it’s dealt with in the meantime is strictly a question of defense. i think ryan is pressing defensively because he’s done squat offensively, and obviously it’s hurting him. ryan seems like an emotional player, and until he reigns that in, he won’t be an asset on either side. i hope he figures it out but i love felipe lopez for the reasons i just stated and i wish we hadn’t asked him to pitch.

3. see #2.

4. Uhh, it’s Carp’s sinker, followed closely by Adam’s uncle charlie.

5.Positively, it’s the Nats and the Padres. Negatively, it’s the Red Sox and Braves. Additionally, in three months, none or these teams will be on either list.

6. Like boxing, and, unfortunately, radio. It’s a dying subject. But I’ll take Charlie’s horse in that one episode of ” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

7. Music has upset me for so long now that this question is by far the hardest, album names escape me but, Cage the Elephant and MGMT are the best bands of the year. Does that count?

Bottom line is the Cardinal are not going to win like this. You have to score runs with runners on base. I have lost count on how many times they left runners on. They are just not hitting, and the errors are also killing them. But the hitting thing is what it is all about. You can not win games only scoring 1-2 runs a game, I do not care how good the pitching is…..3-7 record is just terrible….I would be sitting a few players on the bench, and see if they like watching, and let some of these younger players step up… might be suprised…..and maybe they will wake up….Holliday with this 120m contract, needs to start getting after it…..he has hit a little, but not enough with runners on base

And this has WHAT do do with Lucky Seven, mfell?

7. Jakob Dylan – “Women and Country”

1. Dance with them what brung ya. Until and unless Lohse shows that there’s something actually wrong with him, it’s his job. He’s had some bad luck in his starts, and has pitched better than his results. There may still come a time to cut bait and move him to the pen while putting a Memphis guy in the rotation, but not yet, and not soon.
2. MUCH tougher. Does Ryan have an option left? If not, then the only real possibility is to let him play his way out of his funk. If he does, then if he has the mental toughness for it (which only TLR will know, if even he does), I’d be tempted to send him down once Lopez is healthy, to get things debugged at Memphis.
3. Depending on the answer to #2, Lopez or Freese. For a leadoff hitter, OBP is life, life is OBP.
4. Waino’s curve, with Garcia’s curve coming up fast on the outside. If his shoulder and elbow hold up, that kid is gonna be really good.
5. Positive surprise: San Diego by a mile, the whole team, not just one player. Negative: I certainly didn’t expect Atlanta to start the year like this. Note that Cincinnati is NOT a surprise to me; I’d picked them as a breakthrough team before the season started.
6 and 7: No opinion.

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