Stats of the day, May 13

No note of the night, so I’m fleshing out stat of the day a little bit.

Stat of the day, 1: Chris Carpenter has four starts this year in which he has issued three walks. He had three such starts all last year, with the first coming Aug. 22.
Put another way: Dating back to last year, Carpenter has issued three walks six times in his last 16 starts. That’s as many times as he did it in the previous 48 starts, dating back to 2006.
Stat of the day, 2: Nine of David Freese’s last 17 hits have gone for extra bases (in 52 at-bats). Of Freese’s first 61 at-bats and 18 hits, only two went for extra bases.
Put another way: Freese was slugging .422 on the morning of April 29. Since then, he’s slugging .615.
Stat of the day, 3: Matt Holliday has a .431 on-base percentage since April 29.
Fun with double situational splits: If you’re looking for a “pick to click” on Friday, look at Yadier Molina. For the year, Molina is 18-for-43 in night road games. That’s a .419 batting average, along with a .479 on-base percentage and a .512 slugging percentage. Molina also has a .390/.435/.585 line against right-handers in road games this year.
And, finally, the playlist:
(submitted entirely by my Twitter followers — thanks!)
American Aquarium, “Nothing To Lose”
Band of Horses, “Compliments”
Mumford and Sons, “Little Lion Man”
Dr. Dog, “Where’d All the Time Go”
Catherine Wheel, “Texture”


Ya great stats, like you cant come up with something better to write about, considering how bad the whole team is looking right now…

I have been watching Carpenter since he joined the Cards. His pitching motion has changed, even since last season (when I saw him in spring training this year, I would not have recognized him except for his number). Therefore, I believe his mechanics are out of whack, which could account for decreased velocity and other command issues. Someone should review the much maligned videos and compare last year’s motion with this year’s. It might prove very helpful.

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