Saturday starter still undetermined

As of Friday morning, the Cardinals still have yet to settle on a starting pitcher for Saturday’s game against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Adam Ottavino remains with the club, but has yet to be activated. The most likely scenario remains that Ottavino will be added to the 25-man roster, someone will be optioned to the Minor Leagues, and Ottavino will make the start. The turn would normally be Kyle Lohse’s, but Lohse has been placed on the disabled list due to a forearm injury.
However, it remains a possibility that the Cards could go with a “bullpen game,” depending on how Friday’s game unfolds. If, for example, Chris Carpenter were to pitch a complete game, St. Louis could use all relievers on Saturday and avoid having to send anyone out.
Manager Tony La Russa said that the decision will be made, and Ottavino will be notified, before the team leaves the ballpark Friday afternoon. La Russa did not divulge who would be sent down when and if Ottavino is activated, or which reliever would pitch first in a potential bullpen game.

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After Hawkesworth’s performance on Thursday, shouldn’t he be the odd man out for a while? Keep Salas on the roster and send Blake back to Memphis for a few weeks to get himself straightened out. Salas is probably the most underrated player in the Cards organization.

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