Saturday lineups


1. Lopez SS
2. Ludwick RF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Rasmus CF
6. Freese 3B
7. Molina C
8. Schumaker 2B
9. Ottavino P
1. Fukudome RF
2. Theriot 2B
3. Lee 1B
4. Soriano LF
5. Byrd CF
6. Fontenot 3B
7. Castro SS
8. Hill C
9. Silva RHP

1 Comment

Well we are 2 months in to the season and Johnny Mo, said that was the determining factor to start evaulating the ball club. My hope is that he see’s a very good starting rotation, above average bullpen, on the pitching side. Although that Boggs,Hawksworth duo scares yeah some, hey Salas looked like he was a reliever, not a converted starter..

As for the bulk of the problems with the Cards, the everyday guys.
Middle infield is made up of fiscally reliable farm hands, Ryan I think is a quality SS in the bigs, Shu in the mold of Bo Hart, Joe McEwing, etc. TLR’s love to have guys, but cmon. I hate listening to the he is a .300 hitter, well who didn’t play v. lefties in those seasons, made the switch to 2nd and well I think the Cardinals have better options @ the big league level and the minors who can contribute more, now.
Corners solid, Freese has given this team a shot in the arm, and my MVP to this point, whatever is going on w/ Pujols, he’s due a mulligan or 2,3….
Outfield, Luddy looks like he’s back in form, 25 homers, 75-85 RBI and solid D. Holliday well, huge contract, first year, always struggle but he’s a proven player, I don’t know if he’s $125 Mill dollar man but hey, not me throwing my money out there.
Colby, this situation is the thing that worries me the most, young, doesn’t really fit in with TLR’s proven MLB talent theory, this situation has JD Drew written all over it, high ceiling, no patience for it, so they shop him…..
Bench, tough call here certialnly no arguement with Stavy quality pinch hitter, play OF, emer C. LaRue average who knows his role. Mather not sold, long swing, no real position. Jay lefty off the bench OF only, this I think is where Schumaker would be a real upgrade….

Really stale, need a change here. Not impressed with having McGwire as a hitting coach for obvious reasons, how does he base his philosphy? Pre-steriods or post steriods? Every hitting coach has a philosophy on his own experiences, I think there is real justification for a guy who had no experience at all in the position and it shows. But mostly here the fundamentals are in serious decline throughout, baserunning is a major problem and it’s not Oquendo’s fault or just dumb luck it’s lack of knowledge and teaching, ugly.
With no changes this team is an above average team that probably finishes 8-10 games above .500, in this division that may be enough but I doubt it, it also could realistcally mean a 3rd place finish.
The Cubs will get it righted sooner or later, and the Reds are a dangerous ball club, Jocketty knows he can stick it to TLR and St. Louis and won’t sit on what he’s got come July. They have stockpiled some nice talent and pitching, and play the game the right way.

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