Sunday lineups


1. Schumaker RF
2. Lopez 2B
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday DH
5. Freese 3B
6. Rasmus CF
7. Winn LF
8. Molina C
9. Ryan SS
Garcia LHP
1. Podsednik LF
2. Kendall C
3. DeJesus CF
4. Butler DH
5. Guillen RF
6. Callaspo 3B
7. Aviles SS
8. Betemit 1B
9. Bloomquist 2B
Chen LHP


It’s time to start thinking of the future of this franchise, these guys are one of the most underachieving teams in MLB. Maybe the time has come to start looking at what trading Pujols could bring in terms of reloading for the future. Building around Wainwright, Rasmus, Garcia, Holliday, Motte, and Molina. That’s a pretty good core to start out with, Carpenter could also be trade bait to bring in a much needed shot in the arm to this franchise. Time to give TLR and Co., a new opportunity, elsewhere.

Most of all watching this team, is they play the game poorly and sloppy. The defensive side is very suspect, baserunning is a circus more often than not, and they just don’t have a good offensive ball club. The starting pitching is quality, haven taken a flyer on Penny for only a year, it looks like that was a good descision, Penny has been banged up a ton in the past, and this is no fluke injury. You hope Lohse can come back this season or next and finish his contract as an innings eater, while they progress some of the new talent these trades would acquire.

All in all lets hope they make a descsion sooner than later

TRADE PUJOLS ?????????????? ridiculous. PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING, the first step is firing LaRussa and get a new manager. oh, and by the way… buy a third and fourth STARTING PITCHER. AGAIN, for the 10 thousandth time – the Cardinal organization has a GAZILLION dollars – the whole ..”we dont have the money” argument is completely ridiculous – it is pushed by the management on the cardinals’ site – some people actually believe it. I don’t. new management is the answer. just good enough to fill the stadium, right boys??? is winning the world series the objective every season ??? if not, why???

Let’s hope they don’t listen to you.

Everyone needs to get a grip. I am as disappointed about today’s game as anyone. But advocating tearing the team apart and starting all over or firing LaRussa is just *********. This team is talented, they are just not playing up to their potential for whatever reason. We are not even to the All Star break yet. The team can pull out of this. The way some people are reacting you would think the Cards were 10 games back. It is not over til it’s over.

My reasoning for the Pujols comment was twofold,

1. In a 2 years time he will be up for free agency, and most certain to explore that option, having never been payed what his market value is. The Cardinal orginization does not have a gazillion dollars and never has, being a mid market team. They are however in a swing that sees them in the top salary teams over the last, what 6-7 years. The club just can’t keep that up with all the free agents coming due in the next 3 years and hope to sign all of them. Which leads to the 2nd,

Pujols is 30, or around there, his contract will play out with the option being picked up, he will be 32 at the finish. He wants to win World Series ring’s more than money, but I highly doubt the Cardinals will have enough talent around him to keep that goal if they sign him to a contract worthy of his services, remember that Holliday’s contract of 125 million is over the next 7 years…. Guys like Rasmus, Molina, Wainwright and even Carpenter have contracts expiring over that time. The farm system has been overly depleted on finding right now guys to help achieve all of the goals Mr. Pujols has wanted. They can’t keep that up as well, as we see now with guys like Shuemaker, Ryan, Freese, Mather, etc. So why do you go out and sign Wynn, Suppan, and Miles? Because they are a better product than the current regime has been able to produce. The Cardinals cannot compete with Boston and New York on a monetary scale to keep them in the hunt every year, but they can retool a farm system to compete with them on talent, with the available players as an option for trades. From a buisness point of view, management can’t keep up the current salary expenditures and make money, period, and no owner is going to lose money and it’s biggest assets and get nothing in return… Bad buisness

to me, you are DEAD wrong about the money issue – if it was true – they would have NEVER signed Holiday this close to the end of Alberts’ contract – they do have a GAZILLION dollars – just choose not to spend it. have the management of the Cardinals let the fans know that it is just business – so they can go elsewhere – for those business majors out there – winning the World Series – is the BIGGEST business that you can do. Baseball 101.

I agree on one thing with you toad41, they did sign Holliday to a huge contract @ the end of Pujol’s contract. Call it insurance if you will and this team is or was built to win now, rather than later. Because if it wasn’t why bother trading for Holliday and letting loose your top prospect in the process in the first place, or signing vets to sit on the bench instead of promoting your farm kids to get the real deal. And this is a buisiness first and foremost and you have to protect your assets, one way or the other, this is not NY’s or Bos, they don’t have a ton of cash. Do you realize how much $ the Cardinals organization as a whole put into hosting the all-star game last season? More than the club made I assure you, the community itself made a ton of cash, the club itself probably lucky to break even…

I’m just saying it would be crazy to think of letting Pujols walk w/out getting anything in return. The Mariners had the same issue with A. Rodriguez, R. Johnson, etc. Saying that it was a little extreme, but Pujols will demand that kind of money or more, and I don’t see how the Cards can do it AND sign Waino, Molina, Carp, Rasmus, etc.. AND do what Pujols wants and win championships, year after year

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