Penny cuts throw short

Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny encountered a setback on Tuesday in his rehabilitation from a strained right lat muscle.
As Penny was about to begin facing hitters for the first time since he went on the disabled list, he experienced discomfort near the area of the original injury and shut down the throw. He left Coors Field shortly thereafter and will return to St. Louis to be examined by the Cardinals’ medical staff.
“It’s a big negative,” manager Tony La Russa said.
Penny had been on track to make a Minor League rehabilitation start on Sunday if Tuesday’s throw had gone well.


Hey Matt,
How come you don’t blog on away games even if your watching it on T.V.? I would like to hear your thoughts on tonight’s loss. As I would everyone else’s opinions on what just happened.

This is a game were people need to be held accountable, I mean really that is just plain embarassing for everyone involved, player, fan etc. These guys just don’t play the game right, how can TLR just watch Franklin serve up run after run with Boggs sitting there. Franklin has thrown 7 pitches in a week, who’s at fault here. And Winn 2 steps to the wall? He could have ended the inning like 3 times over, if they hit over your head it’s out or off the big wall that was just incredible these guys stink!

I do blog on road games, not sure why you think I don’t. I will be tonight. Typically, after any Sunday-through-Thursday game that I cover, I blog postgame.

As for if I’m not there, sorry. That means I’m off. That’s recharge time, time with my wife, time to catch a breath.


Tonight’s game was one of the most pathetic performances I’ve seen since they blew a similarly large lead last year against the Pirates. If this is any indication of the character of this ball club, they can forget the playoffs let alone the World Series. How can you not hold a6 run lead with 3 outs to get and how can TLR leave Franklin in the ballgame when it’s pretty clear that he didn’t have the stuff to get out an average high school ball player. I just don’t get it but it sure is frustrating watching that crap. They seemed to just go through the motions in the ninth and they deservedly got their ***** kicked.

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