Cards close to deal with MacDougal

The Cardinals are close to finalizing a Minor League deal with right-hander Mike MacDougal, a club source confirmed on Wednesday night. A contract is not finalized at this time, pending a physical exam, according to the source, though MacDougal pitched for Triple-A Memphis on Wednesday.

MacDougal, 33, has pitched for the Royals, White Sox and Nationals over nine Major League seasons. He has a 4.09 ERA, 70 saves and 266 strikeouts against 165 walks in 312 2/3 big league innings.
He last pitched in the Majors with Washington in 2009, posting a 3.60 ERA but piling up 31 walks to go along with 31 strikeouts in 50 innings. He spent the first part of this year in the Washington organization, going 4-1 with a 4.71 ERA, 13 Ks and 11 walks in 21 innings between Double-A Harrisburg and Triple-A Syracuse.
MacDougal was an All-Star as a member of the Royals in 2003.


what is with this[your] playlist? is it of interest to anyone but you? Lets keep it baseball only, Cards primarily.

Hey ML –

The links to your blog are broken when sent through the cardinals RSS feed. You need to remove the partnerId parameter to get the link to work properly.

Another used, spare part to try and fix this team, great!?!?! Yadi is killing us at the plate! He killed two rallies today! By the way, if ML wants to put a playlist on his blog, then let him. It his blog.

Pretty bad when you have to pick up a cast off from the worst team in baseball. Seriously, if this guy isn’t good enough to pitch for the Washington Nationals, why on earth would he be good enough to pitch for a perennial contender? Okay, granted a division win is looking less like a sure thing with this team lately, but the last thing they need to do is make things worse.

Is this MacDougal the consolation prize for blowing the chance to get Oswalt?Seriously,the front office just shot themselves in the foot!We have NO backend starters.Once you get past Carpenter,Wainwright and Garcia,just automatically add 2
losses!First Suppan now this MacDougal?Are they crazy or is
battling the Reds all year satisfying enough?…Well,not for
true Cardinal fans!…Are they hoping for another miracle like in 06?..I’m sick that we didn’t get Oswalt…Are they afraid to give up an UNPROVEN prospect or 2?..You have to give to get.
The Phillies don’t seem afraid.The Angels went after Harren,
They aren’t afraid,and ALL the clubs who “went for it” Aren’t
afraid….Oswalt,even tho his record isn’t that great,Is a great pitcher and it gave us the best chance to win a championship!
We have 2 starters on the D.L. and our birdbrain trust go out and get a reliever!….Look,Pujols,Carpenter,Wainwright aren’t going to be with us forever!Go for it when opportunities come.Now the Phillies easily will have the strongest staff in the NL.Looks like another wasted year!
I wish They never let Walt Jocketty get away.(Big Mistake)
Now we are stuck with this genius for 3 more years!Walt is going to stick it to Mozeliak.You wait and see…We are in big trouble Cardinal fans.(Best fans in baseball deserve more!)

I do some voluntary work hot models

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