Note of the night/Stat of the day, August 11

So… that was an entertaining series, eh?

Note of the night: Matt Holliday did not return to Wednesday’s game after the rain delay. He was feeling some groin tightness, and the club decided it would have been unwise to push him on a very wet field.
“During the rain delay, he got something,” TLR said. “He wanted to go back out there, and then we saw the splashes and decided not to risk it. His legs were really getting tight.”
Holliday seemed entirely unconcerned about it, and said that he expects to play on Friday at home against the Cubs.
“With the wetness, it’s not smart to go out there and slip around,” he said.
Stat of the day: Over his last nine starts, Adam Wainwright is 7-1 with a 1.14 ERA, 51 strikeouts and 13 walks. In his last 12 starts, he has allowed no earned runs eight times.
Fun with double situational splits: Holliday is batting .370 with a .469 on-base percentage and a .630 slugging percentage with runners in scoring position since the All-Star break.
And, finally, the playlist:
Stone Roses, “Fools Gold”
Cure, “Never Enough”
New Order, “Shellshock”
Sisters of Mercy, “This Corrosion”
Nine Inch Nails, “Sin”


hey keith law, please tell me how waino is not cy young winner this year??
Over his last nine starts, Adam Wainwright is 7-1 with a 1.14 ERA, 51 strikeouts and 13 walks. In his last 12 starts, he has allowed no earned runs eight times.

I wouldn’t argue against Wainwright for Cy Young, but you can’t ignore what Ubaldo Jiminez has done. Waino’s numbers are solid, but when you split home/road starts there’s an obvious disparity. He’s 11-0 at home and 6-6 on the road. ERA goes from 1+ at home to 3+ on the road, and that’s after his last two road starts in which he pitched a total of 16 shutout innings.

Question for M: Why Steven Hill from Springfield, instead of Matt Pagnozzi or Bryan Anderson from Memphis?

Entertaining doesn’t begin to describe this series, especially after that genius Phillips popped off with no reason that I can see. The comments that he made were inexcusable in my opinion and I’m glad the Cards took it to them. Also this is the team we’ve all been expecting to see all year long and it is great to see them play as well as they have since the All Star Break.

1 – This isn’t Keith’s blog, it’s mine. So why are you addressing a question to Keith?

2 – It’s not an award for the last 9 or 12 starts, it’s for the season. And while Wainwright would probably top my ballot right now if I had one, Halladay is RIGHT there with him — more innings, Ks, complete games and shutouts, while pitching in a tougher ballpark and tougher division, and close in ERA.

3 – For me, Jimenez is barely a candidate. Other than wins, he doesn’t really stand up to Johnson/Wainwright/Halladay, who for my money are the class of the league.

4 – Shaun, I addressed this in the story on the site. Simple logistics.


Good to see this happen for the Cardinals, we all hope that LaRue is not too injured, but the fact remains that this is the kind of thing that injects some emotion and competitive juice into the ball club from TLR on down. We all couldn’t bare the thought of watching a team plod along the .500 line all season with this much talent, and wasted opportunities. Hopefully the young guys get a month long adrenaline boost and wow J J where you been all of our life?? The kid is on fire, and he really plays the game too the right way. I had some mixed feelings watching Rolen play in a Reds uni, man he was a class act and great ball player for the Cardinals and still is. On the other hand former Cards in the dumps come pennant time Glaus and Ankiel, feel for R.A. but Glaus not so much

I like your CY analysis, M, but I think you sell Jimenez a bit short. Planet Coors is still a very difficult park to pitch half your games in, even if it’s not quite the launching pad of pre-humidor times. (Speaking of pitching in difficult parks, Tim Hudson has quietly crept into the CY discussion too, IMO.) I’d vote for the same top three that you would, probably in the order WW/JJ/Doc, but there’s room for change.

Any news on LaRue? I’ve been a Steve Hill partisan since long before it was fashionable (or maybe even realistic), and I’m glad to see him reach the Show, but I sure wish it was under different circumstances…

I think livinlaukloco’s comment was more of a statement more than a question directed at Mr. Law. At least thats how I read it. Here’s a question for you though, when do you think we can expect a ruling coming down from mlb on the scrum/skirmish/fracas? I hesitate to call it a “fight” because I dont know if there was really ever any fighting other than Cueto’s kicks. Looks like Holliday is really turning it on when it matters.

Best series in a while and best mleach playlist in a while.

I guess that answeres my question. Cueto 7 games managers 2 and some fines.

Adam Wainwright is just plain ridiculous. He is a an innings eating machine this year and giving up next to nothing in runs. It’s to the point that if we can score 1 run, I feel like Wainwright will win it for us. I don’t Jimenez is in the discussion anymore at this point. There’s always potential for that to change in the last month of the season, but if the vote ended today, I would go

1) Wainwright
2) Halladay
3) Johnson

– Tiffany

Which article did you address the Steven Hill thing in? A link? Or the title maybe??

M—-How much do you think Halladay’s perfect game will factor in the CY race? Will it tip the scales in Halladay’s favor?

Shaun – It’s Wednesday’s notebook. On the news page, look for “Cards add catcher Hill.”

And, no, I can’t imagine the perfecto will factor in at all.


Matthew- This playlist is fantastic. Looks like something I’d play while spinning.😉 Great blog. Woo.

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