Stats of the day, August 24

As you might expect, the clubhouse wasn’t too chatty tonight, so no Note of the Night for you. Instead, hopefully the stats are tasty enough to tide you over. And as you might expect, I’ll be following this entry with a Chess Match.

Stat of the Day, 1: Adam Wainwright has a 5.51 ERA for his career at PNC Park. Yet Tuesday was the first time he had lost here in 10 games, eight of them starts. He had been 5-0 in Pittsburgh. He still has allowed only one homer at PNC in 50 2/3 innings.
Stat of the Day, 2: The Cardinals are tied with the Brewers for the second-best team OBP in the National League. They’re also now fifth in runs per game.
Stat of the Day, 3: Albert Pujols’ next double will be his 30th of the season. That will make him, according to, the third player in Major League history with at least 10 seasons of 30-plus home runs and 30-plus doubles. Not the third with 10 consecutive. The third to do it 10 times ever in his career. Admittedly, this says something about the era, since the other two players to do it are Manny Ramirez and Carlos Delgado. But even so, Pujols will be 10-for-10, while no one else in the history of the game has done it more than 10 times in total.
Stat of the Day, 4: Pujols’ OPS for August is 1.353. If he were to finish the month with that high a mark, it would be the second-highest for any month in his career, behind only April of 2006 (346/509/914, for a 1.423 OPS).

Fun with double situational splits: This Pujols fellow, he’s pretty good. In night games in August this year, he’s 28-for-56 (.500) with 11 extra-base hits for a .946 slugging percentage, and five walks for a .541 on-base percentage.

And, finally, the playlist:
I’ve been listening to a lot of Rolling Stones today, but stuff from outside the “canon.” So here are five favorites from less-heralded Stones albums.
“Connection” (from Between the Buttons)
“She’s So Cold” (from Emotional Rescue)
“Crazy Mama” (from Black and Blue)
“Too Tight” (from Bridges to Babylon)
“Almost Hear You Sigh” (from Steel Wheels)


What amazes me about Pujols: compare his career stats to Musial, the best Cardinal of them all, and one whom Pujols holds in high regard. Figure Musial played 21 years (throw out the few ABs in ’41 and the War year of ’45); extrapolate Pujols’s numbers for 10 years over just 20 years and compare to Musial’s. He’ll never touch Musial’s triple total, and Musial was even a much better contact hitter than Pujols, but other than that. . .pretty incredible.

But that’s the whole point. THAT’S what makes Musial the greatest. He did it for 20 years. You just can’t assume that even a great like Pujols will do it for 10 more years. If he does, he takes that place. But he hasn’t.

No dig at Pujols. But that’s the whole key to Stan’s amazing career — he was so great, for SO LONG.


Agreed. I wish I could have seen Musial play, but I’m a little too young for that! Actually I envy you being able to watch Pujols play every day. He’s a once in a generation player for a team to have, so to personally witness his career has to be pretty special.

I think it’s great Pujols has a fair chance of competing for the triple crown this year. If it was going to be any year, this year would be the year to do it. If Pujols gets the triple crown do you think its possible for Votto to win the NL MVP if the Reds make the playoffs and the Cards don’t?

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