Wednesday lineups


1. Schumaker 2B
2. Winn RF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Jay CF
6. Lopez SS
7. Feliz 3B
8. Anderson C
9. Westbrook P
1. A. McCutchen CF
2. Tabata LF
3. Walker 2B
4. Jones 1B
5. Alvarez 3B
6. Doumit RF
7. Cedeno SS
8. Snyder C
9. D. McCutchen P


What is wrong with this team? Losing to the pirates again?

I am a big Cards fan so it really pains me to say this but I think the problem with this team is that they are NOT a division winning team. They lack the mental toughness (or character or guts or intensity or whatever you want to call it) to win CONSISTENTLY. I’ve seen 112 of the 124 games this year and they RARELY come back to win a game if they get more than a few runs behind. They often make a run at a team late but NEARLY ALWAYS come up short. It seems like Horton or Mclaughlin or Hrabosky are always making the comment, “They made a late run BUT…”. Further, they seem to let down when playing weaker teams. For example in the last 2 weeks they’ve played 8 games against 3 Central Division teams that are NOW 8, 20, and 41 games BELOW 0.500 and they were 2 and 6 in those 8 games. This following on a 3 game sweep of the Reds (19 games above 0.500). The fact that they CAN beat good teams but DON’T beat weak teams indicates to me that they lose their focus when they play a weaker opponent which IS NOT A QUALITY of a champion. The only good news is that they are still close enough to the division leader that if they get their act together they can still win this thing but in my opinion if they don’t toughen up mentally they won’t win the division and likely won’t make the play offs. Horton made the point after the game tonight “They better get after it in a hurry.”

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