Friday lineups

Lineups from DC:

1. Craig RF
2. Jay CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Lopez 2B
6. Feliz 3B
7. Anderson C
8. Ryan SS
9. Garcia LHP
1. Gonzalez 2B
2. Desmond SS
3. Zimmerman 3B
4. Dunn 1B
5. Morse RF
6. Bernadina LF
7. Rodriguez C
8. Maxwell CF
9. Olsen LHP


Again LaRussa the sfm plays Lopez who is a defensive liability who isn;t hitting at all and Schumaker who has started to hit sits. Another sfm move by TLRwho should quit after this season

I am appalled that Puhols is going to the Glenn Beck rally in DC. The guy is a racist, homophobe, and a blatant liar. If he had his way, Puhols would be deported.

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