Tuesday tidbits from Disneyburg

Greetings from a busy day 2 of the GM Meetings. I’ve had Winter Meetings days that were far slower than this one.

A few tidbits from the day:
* I asked John Mozeliak about the Albert Pujols negotiations, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report that the club has a time frame in mind to get something rolling.
His comment: “Obviously Albert is someone that we need to focus on, and in the near future, I will get with his agent Dan Lozano and we will start looking at timing and how to handle the situation.”
* As I noted in the story on Adam Wainwright’s Cy Young finish, Wainwright said that he recently had his right elbow checked out and that it came out clear. Here’s Mozeliak on that topic:
“It was just more precautionary. We just wanted to make sure that how he ended the season, there weren’t any lingering effects. And it was all positive.”
* A couple of other things from talking to Mozeliak after the Jake Westbrook announcement. He said that there’s no one next priority for the club, that comes ahead of all the rest. He also said that the Cardinals maintain interest in adding a sixth starter for depth. 
* However, Bartolo Colon will not be that starter. The club has no interest in Colon at this point.
* Additionally, I wrote this on Twitter, but I wanted to get it in here too: The Westbrook deal is, to my eye, simply an outstanding one for the club. He’s a quality pitcher who should rack up innings, and the going rate for those guys is three years and at least the dollars per year that Westbrook got.
I’m not crazy about the blanket no-trade, but it’s only a two-year contract, so the risk is less than on a longer deal. Overall, though, the dollars are reasonable, and getting a pitcher like this on a deal of less than three years looks very good to me. A nice move.
* And, finally, the playlist. In honor of the release of the mega-box-set of Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town, my five favorite songs from that album:
“Something in the Night”
“Candy’s Room”
“The Promised Land”
“Prove It All Night”


Hey DUDE…..Long time no talk. “Now….Dude. That’s a name no one would self-apply where I come from.” HA.
Just had to pepper in a quote.

My question is did we have any interest at all in Dan Uggla?? Did we make an attempt at him, or was he percieved by management as out of price range??? I saw that the Braves signed him, which should greatly help their offensive production. I would just like to see a good, TRUE 2nd baseman. Not a second rate guy like Miles or a transfer project like Skip.


My name is JD and I started a Cards Blog called:


I added you to my site, if you could do the same it would be appreciated. Thanks,


What are the chances we go after that guy from Japan? I just don’t understand why we haven’t signed Orlando Hudson the past few years. He is exactly what we need. Any thoughts?

Why the heck are the Cardinals being so coy about the Pujols negotiations? That quote from Mo makes it sound like they’re just going to talk about when to negotiate, not actually sit down and hammer out a deal. It’s maddening and irritating. It’s fine to respect Albert’s wishes re: keeping negotiations quiet, but there’s also a point where the fans have a right to know that the Cards are going to get something done for real. The details of the negotiations can be kept quiet without having to completely blank the fan base.

beltchris: The Post-Dispatch reported that the Cards couldn’t commit the money required to get into the Pacific Rim market. In other words, they’re too cheap to pay the posting fee required to negotiate with these Japanese players.

I’m a go hard cardinals fan and I’m really concerned that were not going out and getting a second baseman or even a short stop. What would be the chance of the cardinals going out and trying for Jeter. He doesn’t want money he wants years. Can the cardinals bulge the bank and go out and get quality players to make this team better? Thanks so much and keep writing!

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