More on Gonzalez

Hey, check it out, two blog posts in three days! Must be getting close to Spring Training.

I put up a brief story yesterday about the Cardinals’ agreement with Dominican right-hander Fernando Gonzalez, and you can follow this link to read it. In the interim, though, I heard from a couple of Cardinals front-office folks, so I wanted to pass along some more info on the 16-year-old pitcher in case you were interested.
This is from farm director John Vuch:
“Gonzalez is an intriguing young kid. He’s 6’4 and very lean right now, making him very projectable. He’s got a very nice changeup already that projects as a future out pitch. While his velocity is currently a tick below average, with his age and size there’s plenty of reason to believe he’ll pick up additional velocity as he matures. Also throws a curve for his breaking pitch, and looks to be at least an average pitch for him down the road.”
Meanwhile, vice president of player procurement Jeff Luhnow said that the club had a number of scouts, including four based in the U.S., look at Gonzalez and all came away impressed.

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What means “a tick below average”? A tick below average for a major-league prospect? Or a tick below average for a 6’4″ 16-year-old? Big difference.

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