Friday camp photo gallery

I finally got to get out and watch a little practice today, and I took the camera. So here are a few photos from today’s action. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot the big boys throwing their bullpens, because we were having a long chat with TLR while that was going on. But there’s plenty of time left in camp.

As always, click on the thumbnail in order to see the full photo. And, as always, the disclaimer: I’m neither a photographer nor a web designer, so I apologize that this isn’t fancier. But it’s what I saw, and I figure you folks might like to see it too.
110218-stretch.jpg 110218-holliday-BP2.jpg 110218-holliday-BP3.jpg 110218-craig-BP.jpg 
110218-freese-BP1.jpg 110218-freese-BP2.jpg 110218-bullpens.jpg 110218-walters-bullpen.jpg
First row: pre-practice stretch on field one, two shots of Matt Holliday taking BP and one of Allen Craig taking BP.
Second row: two shots of David Freese taking BP, one of P.J. Walters, Adam Ottavino and Fernando Salas throwing on the bullpen mounds, and one of just Walters.

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You are the at Spring Training!!?? Wow! Lucky! I wanted to go before the Spring Training games start but I could not get away. I will be in AZ a week from tomorrow! Can’t wait! Your pictures are nice and clear. Is raining hard here in LA

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