Friday tidbits: Laird, Greene and more

Hello from Space Coast Stadium, home of some memorable games in recent years.

* Gerald Laird said this morning that he’s feeling just fine. However, TLR said that there’s a good chance Laird will be held out of tomorrow’s games as a precaution. 
* Tyler Greene, recuperating from an illness, made the trip and will start tomorrow in Kissimmee.
* TLR explained that part of why Bryan Anderson was sent out before Tony Cruz was a service time-related DL rule. Because of Anderson’s Major League service time, if he gets hurt in big league camp, he would have to be placed on the DL rather than optioned. Because Cruz does not have service time, he could still be optioned if he suffers an injury.
Today’s playlist:
Everclear, “Electra Made Me Blind”
Kanye West, “Blame Game”
Smashing Pumpkins, “Disarm”
Toy Matinee, “Things She Said”
Cure, “Cut”

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