Saturday camp tidbits: Freese, rotation, bullpen, Laird

Another gorgeous day in Jupiter, and t-minus 12 days to Opening Day. It’s getting here fast.

* The Cardinals have set up their starting rotation for the days after Tuesday’s off day. It will be Jake Westbrook on Wednesday, Jaime Garcia Thursday, Kyle Lohse Friday, Chris Carpenter Saturday the 26th and Kyle McClellan Sunday the 27th.
That sets up the first turn through the rotation to be Carpenter on Opening Day, Westbrook and Garcia for games 2-3 against the Padres, then Lohse and McClellan making their first starts against Pittsburgh.
Assuming McClellan is in the rotation, of course. Which is a pretty decent assumption at this point.
* Discussing David Freese today, TLR sounded like he’s adjusted his expectations for how much Freese can play this year. Earlier in camp, he said he’d be pleased with 110 games for Freese. Today he said that as the year goes on, he could see Freese only needing one day off a week, rather than two.
* Asked about the bullpen, the skipper acknowledged that the two open spots will in fact be chosen to some extent in conjunction with one another. For example, it’s unlikely that both jobs will go to pitchers who could only go one inning. 
* At this point, the plan is to hold out Gerald Laird until after Tuesday’s off day.
And, finally, the playlist:
The Raconteurs, “Salute Your Solution”
Queens of the Stone Age, “No One Knows”
Black Keys, “Howlin’ For You”
Cage the Elephant, “Back Against the Wall”
Louis XIV, “Finding Out True Love Is Blind”

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