Lucky Seven: Happy Opening Day edition

1. Which player not in the Opening Day lineup (or season-opening pitching rotation) will have the biggest impact on the 2011 Cardinals?

2. Who will end up being the primary setup man for this team, or is that pitcher not currently on the roster?

3. Give me slash-line (AVG/OBP/SLG) guesses for Berkman and Theriot this year.

4. Was Jaime Garcia’s last spring start enough to ease your mind, or are you worried about how he will perform this year?

5. Give me one fearless prediction for the National League this year.

6. What’s your Final Four prediction?

7. Where are you watching today’s game?



1) I’ll say Lance Lynn, coming up and filling a hole well.
2) Jason Motte
3) Berkman .272/.342/.460, Theroit .244/.301/.345
4) It definitely helped. I’m still somewhat concerned, but significantly less than I would have been without that start.
5) The Pirates will have at least two All-Star representatives.
6) Expect UConn to win, would love to see VCU or Butler.
7) From my desk, which isn’t nearly as cool as yours.

1. Jon Jay
2. Boggs
3. Berkman .278/.385/.489 Theriot .265/.365/.382
4. yes, I am not worried
5. Braves will win the NL East
6. Kentucky vs. VCU
7. my house

1. Allen Craig.
2. Not currently on roster (Salas).
3. Berkman: .260/.343/.490, Theriot: .245/.300/.320
4. A little worried, but he’ll be solid; Alan Benes-y.
5. Phillies don’t make the playoffs.
6. Braves/Giants/Red Sox/Twins
7. Foley’s bar in New York City, with a lot of transplanted Cards fans who are mostly total strangers.

Foley’s! Tell Shaun and everyone there I said hello. LOVE Foley’s. I have a baseball on the wall somewhere, and at times they’ve even had my book on display there as well.

1. Tyler Greene, provides a season that reminds fans of Craig Paquette in 2001.

2. Jason Motte.

3. Berkman – .285/.380/.475
Theriot – .280/.330/.345

4. Worried, will not repeat his success from last season, predict an ERA somewhere between 4-4.50

5. Braves – NL Champions

6. NL – Braves, Phillies, Cardinals, Giants
AL – Red Sox, White Sox, Rangers, Athletics

7. Tulsa, OK, thanks to!

1. Mitchell Boggs
2. Batista
3. Theriot- .280/.365/.350
Berkman- .285/.380/.515
4. Good enough
5. Matt holiday is a beast!!!!!!
6. Uconn over butler
7. Listening at work

1) Here’s a stretch- Matt Carpenter. If Freese gets injured again, its possible he could get the call
2) Jason Motte
3) Berkman- .255/.324/.475 Theriot- .285/.330/.315
4) I was never worried. He may not do as good as last season, but he will be a very soild starter
5) Braves win in the East
6) UConn over VCU (I had UConn winning the whole thing in my bracket =)
7) College dorm commons

1. Allen Craig
2. Motte
3. Berkman .270/.360/.480 Theriot .270/.350/.340
4. still a little worried; he sure has the right stuff if he can get it right.
5. Red Sox win AL East
6. Final Four? I only know baseball.
7. Charlotte, NC

1. Nick Punto. Not all impacts are for the better. I have this sinking feeling that at the first sign of infield injury, TLR will plug this guy in … and he will do harm.
2. Motte.
3. Berkman: .270/.360/.480. Theriot: .250/.310/.370. The Theriot acquisition is going to be shown to be a mistake.
4. Worried, but not as worried as before that start.
5. Neither the first-place nor last-place teams will all be the same as in 2010.
6. Connecticut over Butler. That’s my head speaking; my heart wants … something else.
7. At home, in northern New Mexico. You can take the fan out of Cardinals country, but you can’t take Cardinals country out of the fan.

1. Adron Chambers (should he be called up).
2. Augenstein.
3. Berkman .286/.400/.502 Theriot .290/.370/.385.
4. He will win 15+ games. That’s all that matters.
5. The NL will lose the All-Star Game.
6. Kentucky dominates Butler
7. Home, then Work

1. Obviously its the abscence of Adam Wainwright. With him we would contend with basically the same team as last year. Without we are doomed to a middle of the pack finish in the central.
2. I guess Motte but if ryan Franklin continues to be shaky at closer who knows what will this mostly unknown bullpen will look like by the time the cards are out of the race in mid June.
3. Berkman will be .271/.309/.353. Theriot will be .279/ .345/ .352. However most importantly each will be a considerable liability in the field. I don’t wory about the cards offense, its the defense and relief pitching that concerns me.
4. Garcia will be 14-9 with a 3.45 ERA but will miss a month of the season on DL. Carpenter will misss nearly 1/4 of year on DL.
5. The Pirates will challenge St. Louis for 4th place in NL Central.
6. Well, I already know that Butler and UConn won. I would have taken UConn vs VCU if asked before the games. I’m just glad Kentucky lost since they knocked out my buckeyes
7. I watched opening day from my dvr at 11pm. I already had a bad feeling because a friend had texted me, “nice defense cards” and “nice hitting pujols” I really hate to be pessemistic about this season but nothing at all has looked good to me. From pujols not signing, to wainwright’s injury, to holliday’s appendectomy. It kust feels like a really bad year in the making. Hope I’m wrong. Go Cards

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