Franklin statement

Ryan Franklin wanted to get the following statement out, following his earlier comments today:

“Obviously these last 2 1/2 weeks have been frustrating for me, and I’m frustrated with myself. I can understand why the fans are frustrated. I’ve loved my time here in St. Louis. It’s my favorite place to play. It’s just a frustrating time for me right now, because I feel like I’m letting everyone down.

“First and foremost, I’m letting myself down. I’m letting the team down and obviously the fans. It’s just been a hard time for me right now, and it’s something I’ve never been through. It’s just really frustrating. Things didn’t come out the right way. It was right after the game and I said things I shouldn’t have said. I apologize for that. It was the wrong thing to say, but at the same time I was frustrated. I am frustrated. I’m just trying to do my best to do everything I can to get back on track. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get back out there and help this team.”


Smart idea by Franklin. Don’t piss off the best fans in baseball (which we are), who I’m sorry, do have a right to show their displeasure. Especially some of us who drive about 24 hours round trip to see their team play

you may have a write to boo but come really your gonna call yourself a cardinal fan and say your the best fan of them all but still i have seen many games and never once have i booed a cardinal…so why do you just grow up and get over it….or do we all need to remind you about how bad kyle is…my point is dont boo your team..and if you dont wanna drive then stay home and watch it on tv

the kyle i am talking about is lohse he was one of the worst pitchers i have seen when he goes on a struggle so why not give franklin a break just cause he has a little bit of a struggle and bisides the season has just begun no need to think about gettin rid of him quiet just yet

Sorry, which Kyle are you referring to? My brain does not want to work today! I agree with you about not booing a Cardinal and to me there are only a few other than Cardinal players that need to get booed in St. Louis. We ARE the best fans in baseball and show the players the respect they deserve. This is one of the reasons I am proud to be part of the Cardinal Nation!

I think this was aimed at Todd K. for the Kyle thing…

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Thanks for the accountability, Ryan. You have been a great Cardinal the last several years. Too many folks now a days are quick to boo & worse on websites because they aren’t held accountable. Good luck the rest of the season, always appreciate your work ethic …. it’s a long season and your talent will average out the stats… cheers.

I’m putting it out there now, y’all…

This is a topic worth discussing. It’s worth having a reasonable back-and-forth on. But if you guys can’t be courteous and respectful to each other, I will close comments.

There is ONE RULE here. One. Be respectful of each other and of me.


I remember when Isringhausen was blowing saves, and the Cards decided to cut him pretty quick. Franklin’s numbers from last year were subpar at best, yet he is still with the team. Something doesn’t add up to me…

Couple inaccuracies here:

1. The Cardinals NEVER cut Isringhausen. He left as a free agent after the 2008 season.

2. Franklin’s numbers last year were decidedly not “subpar at best.” He converted 27/29 saves last year, had a 3.46 ERA, a 1.031 WHIP. Is that Rivera? No. Is it “subpar at best?” Absolutely not.


Thank you! I was just looking up stats, and was going to say that I didn’t realize a 93% save percentage was subpar.

I appreciate Ryan Franklin for being honest about his emotions and his take on his current situation. I have always sworn under the ‘No Boos at Busch’ policy, and it breaks my heart every time it happens. We all have bad days at work, and, unfortunately, he works in the tensest moments of an event that over 30,000 people are paying to see and thousands more are watching from their living room. People should think about their own careers and see if they could perform under pressure with an audience day after day after day. Yes, he gets paid a lot more than the average joe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a job with constant ups and downs.

I respectfully submit that that Mr Franklin was totally correct in his first comments and polite in his second. Mr Jason is correct that he has the right to voice displeasure at Mr Franklin’s results, but booing is a bit over the top as Mr Franklin has always tried and given his best and not been a shirker. Booing should be reserved for those who fail to give their all on our field of battle.

Thats the thing James, the way he smiled after that bomb on opening day I don’t know what to think about this guy. He finally showed that he was upset today after the bomb to Nix. Has he given his all? Probably but its hard to believe when you smile about it. I know when I fail to get a job done at work, Im not smiling.

Mark – your statement about subpar is far from true. See below

Matthew- you forgot one key stat…2. As in the number of blown saves Franklin had last year. Now that’s Rivera stuff.

No disrespect intended Mark but I’d you can do better, please contact the Cardinals front office.

I included it — I wrote 27/29. -M.

I am partially torn about Franklin’s apology. On one side, I don’t think he needed to apoligize for anything. What Ryan said was absolutely the truth, Since when are boos directed to a Cardinal player at home?

Secondly, He showed more class in his apology than the fans who were booing did. Maybe the fans should apoligize to Franklin.

Have alot more thoughts but will leave it at that.

Appreciate Franklin’s sentiments, but it is time to go with someone else. Looking forward to seeing what Boggs/Motte/Sanchez can do in a closing role.

I was happy when Franklin was pulled as the closer. He has some serious location problems this year. Clearly he needs more work to get back to being effective. I wonder if there are any distractions affecting him in his personal life. We can be dissatisfied with his performance, but we shouldn’t boo.

P.S. Can you guys please review your comments before submitting them? There are too many grammar errors and words missing to make much sense out of many of them.

You must ain’t be from Missouri. We dont hafta no our languige because weer Patriots. Its just the foreners that gots to learn English the write way.

I disagree with most of you. Ryan Franklin’s numbers from last year are very deceiving. Every outing seemed to be an adventure. I understand that it’s the final product and the stats that matter the most, but it appeared to me that it was more luck than talent on many occasion last year. This year he is by far the worst reliever on the Cardinals team.

As for the booing, who cares if he plays for the hometeam. If I pay my money, I’ll boo whomever I please. And I’ll put myself up against any Cardinals fan as the most dedicated fan.

This apology was obviously not genuine, and he was told to do so by the Cards PR department. You always say what you feel in the heat of the moment and that’s what he did. In my opinion, he’s washed up and needs to move on down the road. And I promise you that I’ll boo him until the day he’s gone for saying that I’m not one of the best fans in baseball.

I like Ryan Franklin as a person and a ball player, and had nothing to apologize about. If things work out right, he should still be able to contribute to the team this year with out closing games. He does not have the over powering stuff to miss location on pitches like he has been. What I would like to see is with the help of Batista is the Cardinals nurse Boggs into the closer role. Boggs has a powering fastball with great movement, and at times a filthy slider. If he can constantly keep his control in order over those two pitches. He has the potential to be are closer for a long time!

While I admit I’ve booed franklin and have been abit angry at his on-field performance recently it has all been shown in the confines of my own home. I do remember the Ryan Franklin who had as high of a save percentage as Heath Bell, and a former all-star just 2 years ago. Is he a Hoffman closer? No, but he has been more than serviceable during hs time here. Whats sad is, most pepole dont know just how nice of a guy he is, I met franklin at busch in 2009 and he couldnt of been more like a normal guy. I just hope he straightens himself out, and enjoys hes retirment after this year.

While I don’t believe, and have not for awhile now, that Ryan Franklin should be closing games for the St.Louis Cardinals, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think there’s a spot for him on the roster.
I think he’s a good guy, and has a great work ethic, he just pitches more to contact and isn’t the strikeout type of pitcher we need closing games. That’s not a knock on Ryan nor anyone else we trot out there.
Not everyone’s made to be a closer, and I don’t think he is either. Set up guy? Sure.
Thanks for posting and GO CARDINALS

It’s good to see he cares, you almost need to, to be a pro. It’s really easy for a fan to say, but Ol’ Boy is a cardinal pitcher. Just focus on your game. He got to this level by his talent, and I’m sure it didn’t just disappear. I would think a bunch of doubt in a pitchers mind is worse than facing any hot hitter. Someone remind this stud he is a cardinal, and they got some ball to play.
“there is Nø crying in baseball!!” I think he may just need about 5 strippers and a holy confession and he will be good as new.

I second that, Ryan Franklin is an extremely nice person. I saw him at the West County Mall and I was able to go up to him and talk to him and have a nice conversation. He even let me take a picture with him. He’s just a pitcher going through a rough patch, everyone does it, including Rivera, I bet he is not getting booed right now. I strongly believe in a no boo policy for our own team at busch, because obviously if a person is doing bad, they know it, they don’t need us all to boo them.

And what about that Sanchez guy????

I am disappointed that LaRussa put Franklin in today. I liked Franklin’s spirit: he wanted to contribute to the team and was frustrated by his performance, as any good player should be. He’s going through a rough patch, and Tony’s decision to put him in a 2-run game was terrible. It puts him in a high-pressure situation that he doesn’t need to be in.

That being said, his comments were completely uncalled for. The boos weren’t that loud, and there’s always going to be jerks at the ballpark. To lambast the fans for boos assumes that the boos were for him (and not for the decision to bring him in) and also takes for granted that, no matter how crappy your performance, the fans at Busch will love you, when every other ballpark in the nation will boo you overwhelmingly. Glad you apologized, Franklin, but you need to quit deluding yourself that you’re “Throwing good pitches” and you should have removed yourself as the closer about 2 blown saves ago. His negative comments about the fans caused me to lose a lot of respect for him, and if he hadn’t apologized for his comments, any boos he would receive in the future would be well deserved. As is, I think he’s got some more repair work to do.

I don’t, at all, dislike Ryan Franklin. One of the things I have always been most proud of, being a Cardinal fan, is the overall class that the organization has generally exhibited (with only a very few exceptions). I absolutely love that to be a Cardinal, a player generally must fit a particular mold–one of a certain class, a certain professionalism, very team oriented, etc. A name that comes to mind as an example of someone I would think could never have fit in as a Cardinal is Zambrano. And, I’m really glad that LaRussa’s idea at one point of adding Bonds to the roster turned out to be a fleeting thought. What I’m getting to is that Franklin certainly fits the Cardinal mold. I think he has always been team oriented and has always carried himself with that certain class and professionalism that I love. The statement he issued only strengthens these feelings about Franklin’s character. I can certainly understand frustrations from not living up to one’s standards and from getting booed. And, I don’t fault him for any poor decision in how he expressed himself in the heat of the moment right after a frustrating outing. I do, however, feel that players who thrive on receiving all of the accolades and cheers when things are going well, should be able to handle some boos when they don’t have things together but keep getting thrown out there when they are hurting the ball club. And, I believe that the fans have the right to express their feelings. My personal opinion is that the fans probably weren’t booing Franklin so much as they were booing the decision to stick with Franklin and keep throwing him out there.

Anyway, all of that being said, I really have never thought of him as a “lights out” closer. And, in the last few years, I have thought of that position as a piece that the Cardinals have needed to help complete the puzzle. I have thought of Franklin as maybe one of the best setup men in baseball, but not a true closer. (I’m not sure I can even say that he would be one of the best setup men anymore. But, maybe he would settle down and get a little back to form if he went back to that role.) In his tenure as closer, I have always thought that if the Cards found or acquired a truly dominant closer and put Franklin back in the setup role, that might just be the piece of the puzzle they have needed. No matter what his stats have ever been, I have never felt comfortable with him closing. I just haven’t. I will say that his results have surprised me for stretches of time–the first half of 2009 being the most notable time. But, I still didn’t have that warm and fuzzy feeling that he was the guy to carry us through. And, as I recall, he seemed to fizzle out in the last half of that season some. In a position player and at the plate, I am extremely happy with a scrappy, team player type who brings more intangibles than just putting up big numbers. But, it is so frustrating to see the team work so hard to try to hand a lead over to a closer and then not have that overwhelming confidence, not only that he can close it out, but that he will usually do so easily—that confidence that the game’s over when he gets the ball. Matt, I know you will probably be able to rebut my feelings with some stats. But, I’m not going to go get any stats to back up my feelings for this one. You’re totally right–27/29 saves with a 3.46 ERA and 1.031 isn’t subpar. But, my contention is that in order to be a championship team, you don’t want a closer who just isn’t subpar. You want one who dominates. And, to me, for this position, that is a feeling more than anything else. And, as much as there is that I like about Franklin fitting the Cardinal mold, he isn’t, nor in my opinion, has he really ever been, that guy.

We need a closer!

Totally agree, you could not have said it better. Also, just from my opinion, 3.46 ERA is not that great for a closer.

Didn’t say it was great. I said it was not “subpar at best,” which was the contention.

Booing has nothing to do with how much of a fan you are. Someone who boos could follow every game and live and die by the cardinals and is no less a “fan” then a polite person. However, it does speak volumes about their personality. I group the negative outspoken impolite fan with the fans that cuss the entire game whilst sitting behind a family with young children….for example.
I don’t think Franky should have barked after the game…why stoop to the level of those without cander even in frustration. But, I am glad he added the later disclaimer.

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Ryan Franklin has been good for us. I remember going to ball games for many years and never hearing boos. Now, like the rest of the world, people are self righteous and don’t tolerate others mistakes. Sadly, St Louis is not as player friendly as it used to be. I was devastated when they booed Mark McGwire on his return. Imagine people booing us every time we’re not perfect…it will be continuous. Franklin will straighten out and he deserves our support. Hang in there Ryan!

McGwire is another issue entirely. He cheated on the field by doing things that were illegal in our society as a whole. He should be banned and not allowed to work in baseball. No comparison at all to this conversation about Franklin. And, the boos I believe were more directed at LaRussa’s decision to keep throwing him out there…not so much about Franklin personally or as a player. I don’t like to boo either. But, how else do fans express their discontent at a ball game? Are they supposed to just sit back and be content no matter what their manager decides to do?

As a lifelong Cardinals fan, I was hurt by Franklin’s comments. I do not agree with the fans booing him, but his reaction was directed to the fan base as a whole and not just those few classless souls in the crowd on that particular day. He should not publicly doubt and criticize the people that pay his salary and have supported him the last five years, even in a time of frustration. He is being paid to be a professional, and he definitely did not respond as a professional. His apology I find half-hearted. This is the kind of thing I expect from a Cubs player or a Reds player, not a St. Louis player. I would be interested to hear Mr. Leach’s personal feelings on this……….

Having been the one to whom he actually spoke when he issued the apology, I do not doubt its sincerity.

I guess the apology came across half-hearted to me because it is filled with “I was frustated,” “I am frustrated,” etc. We all know he is frustrated, but that’s not an excuse for making a generalized statement like that to the media. I wouldn’t have booed him, and I can understand why he took offense to it, but that is still not the appropriate avenue to release your frustrations. I’ll take your word for it that he was sincere, and I truly hope that is the case because I’ve always been a fan of Franklin.

I have been a Cardinal fan my entire life. I was taught you NEVER boo, it is unsportsman like. You cheer for your team and ENCOURAGE them!! Enough booing and you can discourage a player to the point of giving up. Do you really think they aren’t aware already that we’re disapointed in the performance? And who cares if you think you have a “right” to boo? It’s more, is it the right thing to do? And the answer is definitely NO

I like Ryan Franklin. I think he’s a stand-up guy and I can easily forgive him for his comments because I know we all say things we regret in the heat of the moment. The fact that he came back and made a statement makes me respect him even more. I feel bad that the fans do have a much shorter leash for pitchers than they do for batsmen.
Jason Isringhausen’s story was also tough to swallow for me because I remember watching and being amazed at how he would load the bases up with two outs and a one run lead in the ninth, only to strike that last guy out and call it a game. Franklin doesn’t have typical closer “stuff” like Izzy did, but he has been effective and doesn’t deserve the backlash he received. He’s having a hard time right now and that’s just what it is. Nobody was booing Pujols when he was slumping and the same respect should go to Mr. Franklin while he is righting himself.

I am a lifelong Cardinals fan and I grew up in a family of Cardinals fans. I was taught (same as many who have posted here) that Cardinals fans are a class act, and I was NEVER to boo at a game. For too long I have lived too far away to attend games in my favorite ball park. If I could go to home games, I would be so thrilled – booing would be the furthest thing from my mind.

I think you can boo lack of effort, poor sportsmanship or lack of respect to the game or fans (see G. Templeton, K. Hernandez, M. Heath and a few others). However, I would prefer that Cardinal fans not boo our players simply because their performance is sub-par. Franklin is struggling mightily. I don’t want him closing games but at this point, I would refrain from booing.

Franklin is taking the boo itself the wrong way. If the fans didn’t boo, they wouldn’t care. Good guys or not. At least they care.

I disagree. If fans didn’t boo, it would simply mean they are more classy than Cubs or Phillies fans.

I don’t boo when my daughter misbehaves. It doesn’t mean I don’t care.

I’m not a huge proponent of booing. But, with your daughter, you have other more direct ways to express your discontent. How are fans at a ball game supposed to express theirs? They’re not? They are just supposed to sit back and accept everything their manager chooses to do whether they agree with it or not? If the fans are just booing a ball player directly every time he makes a bad play that’s one thing…no class. But, when a managerial decision just keeps wearing on you to the point of not being able to stand it, the fans have to have a way to express that. I wasn’t there and don’t know if I would have booed or not. But, I don’t think the boos were directed at Franklin personally….more so probably at LaRussa continuing to throw him out there. I refer you to my more extensive post above. But, the fans have to have a way to express their discontent some times. And a low grade boo for a manager continuing to try the same thing and expecting a different result seems to be appropriate to me.


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