A few stats

I wrote an off day story today on the Cardinals’ offense, and I squeezed a few cool stats in there. It should be up within an hour or so at Cardinals.com, and hopefully you’ll read it.

However, the story had to be a story, rather than simply a list of stats.  So a few of the numbers ended up on the cutting room floor. But that’s one of the reasons for having a blog, is as a place to put stuff that ends up not making it onto the main site.

So, herewith, a few stats I find interesting about the 2011 Cardinals offense thus far. Not necessarily predictive, but explanatory…

* With RISP and two outs, they are first in the NL in batting average, first in OBP, second in SLG, first in hits and first in RBIs.

* In the first six innings, they are first in AVG, first in OBP, second in SLG.

* Overall, they’re seventh in pitches per plate appearance. But in the first six innings, they’re third.

* They’re seventh overall in P/PA (something I address in the story), and yet they’re also swinging at the first pitch the sixth-most often.

That last one, I think, reflects what TLR wants and what they’re doing. When you GET something to hit early in the count, jump it. If not, grind out the at-bat.



I imagine that innings 7-9 are skewed mostly due to Franklin. I wonder how our stats would look without his numbers in there.

They are offensive stats. Not pitching.

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These stats point out the single biggest stats I want to see the Cards improve on in ’11 vs the past few seasons…late game hitting. The stats might show differently, but when I watched, key late inning hits in close games were largely non-existent.

Hopefully this exceptional early season/early game hitting transferrs to late season/late game situations.

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