Freese has broken bone

The Cardinals are going to have to do without David Freese for a while. Freese is all but certain to be placed on the 15-day disabled list on Monday after suffering a broken bone in his left hand in Sunday’s loss to the Braves.

“It didn’t feel too good and it didn’t sound too good,” Freese said. “So right when it happened, I knew something was up. But I finished it out on the bases and then came out.”

Freese was hit on his hand by a Scott Linebrink fastball in the top of the sixth inning. Assistant athletic trainer Barry Weinberg came out to tend to Freese and wrapped his hand, but allowed him to stay in the game to run the bases.

Freese took his base and remained in the game for the Cardinals’ half of the inning, but that was all for him. When the Cardinals went into the field for the bottom of the sixth, he did not take his position. Daniel Descalso moved from second base to third, while Tyler Greene came in to play second.

Freese said that he may require surgery to correct the break.



Kinda feels this this guy can’t buy a break sometimes.

Who fills in now? Obviously no one can make up for his offense, especially with RISP and 2 out so its going to take an army.

I would love to see Greene get some more ABs where ever he can get them from. Descalso has had some moments at the plate lately and his glove always seems to be solid. I would like to see Craig get at least a game at 3rd even if he is a butcher at the position as advertised by some.

But especially I want to see Carpenter get his first chance at the show. The dude HUSTLES and from the small sample I got in the spring plays without fear as well. I would love to see it

Its going to be interesting, lets just hope it works out

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