Freese, Punto pulled

The Cardinals found themselves down two infielders by the sixth inning of Sunday’s series finale against the Braves. David Freese and Nick Punto were both removed from the game due to injury.

Freese was hit by a pitch on his left hand in the top of the sixth. He took his base and remained in the game for the Cardinals’ half of the inning. However, when the Cardinals went into the field for the bottom of the sixth, he did not take his position. Daniel Descalso moved from second base to third, while Tyler Greene came in to play second. The club referred to Freese as having a “left hand contusion.”

Descalso, meanwhile, was only in the game as an injury replacement himself. Punto was removed from the game in the third inning due to what the club is calling tightness in his left hamstring. According to an announcement, the move was for “precautionary reasons.”

He was replaced at second base and in the leadoff spot in the Cardinals order by Descalso.



can’t blame the pen for today’s loss. Defense cost dearly

defense — and GIDPs. the two things that, as much as the bullpen, keep us from being really good right now.

Franklin is still terrible. He lost another one as far as I’m concerned!

Absolutely right, GIDP’s and defense are killing the Cards. Also, just think how good this team would be if Albert went back to being Albert.

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