La Russa to miss rest of trip

The Cardinals have just announced that manager Tony La Russa will miss the remainder of the team’s current road trip while he recovers from a persistent case of shingles.

La Russa remained in the Phoenix area on Tuesday for a second day of examinations, and earlier in the day the club had announced that he would miss Tuesday’s game. Shortly before the end of the game Tuesday night, it was announced that he will not rejoin the team before Monday’s home game against the Phillies.

More information as it becomes available.



Hang in there, Tony. I had a case a year ago…our church will be praying for you…

TONY, You’ll be truly missed, and Welcomed back with open arms when you return.So sorry to here what the problem was, but I am so happy they are taking care of you, you look like you were so miserable and in so much pain….We Miss You, Dear Tony, hurry and get well. Your Fan and ARF fan, Lovingly, Kerry

TONY DEAR, Please get rest and get better. I miss you, but am so glad your getting some much needed medical care. You look like your in so much pain and I was so concerned you could loose your eye sight, too. I am sure your watching the boys on TV And text messating Joe, right? Tony, your in my prayers, your ARF supporter and Your Cardinal Fan, Kerry (and my service dog, Charlie)

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