Laird has broken bone – updated

Tony La Russa just told us that Gerald Laird has a broken bone in his hand and is expected to go on the DL. Will update when we have more information.

Update 1: It’s Laird’s right index finger that took the break.



Call up Anderson finally or Hill? How long on the DL?

Maybe Stavi gets the call

Bring Nick back up —-we know he can het ml pitching!!!!

It’ll be Tony Cruz and Bryan Anderson for sure. Those are the only catchers on the 40-man roster. No room for Stavinoha on the 40-man plus he’s probably not a viable candidate to be a regular backup catcher.

Neither Anderson nor Cruz are hitting particularly well at Memphis, but my money’s on Anderson getting promoted because he already has major league service time.

You may be right, as Anderson did hit .281 last year in his few at bats. I would guess Cruz, because of defense. There’s more to it than the running game, but they stole 5 of 6 on Anderson last year. He has thrown out 31% in the minors. Cruz has thrown out 45%. I’m just not convinced they have any plans for Anderson if there’s another option.

How much longer can we get away with mining the minors due to injuries? Someone please go smudge the clubhouse and supply some good juju.

Has he blamed Johnny Cueto yet?

Don’t make stupid comments, Cueto kicked a guy in the head with metal cleats and the guy still has concussion symptoms. So don’t say stupid crap when stuff happens. Jason LaRue did not blame him, it really was hiss fault for kicking him in the head.

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