Saturday tidbits: Holliday, Tallet, Miller, Craig and more

* Matt Holliday is not in the lineup, but said that “today was a good day” as far as his workouts. He is hoping to play tomorrow, though that’s still not a given. They want to be sure he’s completely symptom-free before inserting him in the lineup. He’s definitely closer today, however.

* Brian Tallet said he’s not feeling anything in his elbow, a day after he was removed due to tightness in the joint. He hopes to be available tonight.

* Yadier Molina isn’t feeling anything amiss in his left ankle today. He was removed in the ninth inning last night due to some discomfort there.

* Based on our conversation with TLR today, it’s clear that the Cardinals are taking Allen Craig seriously as a second baseman — not just right now as a day-by-day solution, but in the longer view. I’ll have a story on the site later this afternoon, but this is definitely a real thing, not just a lark.

* As you’ve likely heard by now, Shelby Miller has made his last start at Class A Palm Beach. His next start will be at Double-A Springfield, sometime late next week.

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Good news about Matt and Yadi. It is important to get Craig’s bat in the lineup no matter what position he plays.

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