Friday lineups

Lineups on a hot, steamy day at Busch Stadium, with a special welcome to the librarians of NASIG who will be in the house tonight.
1. Theriot SS
2. Jay LF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Berkman RF
5. Molina C
6. Rasmus CF
7. Schumaker 2B
8. Descalso 3B
9. Garcia LHP

1. Fukudome RF
2. Barney 2B
3. Castro SS
4. Soto C
5. Pena 1B
6. Montanez LF
7. Colvin CF
8. LeMahieu 3B
9. Dempster RHP



Rasmus and Theriot at short…TLR is an evil genius!

It’s already been fixed, but thanks for the snark.

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