Wednesday lineups


1. Theriot SS
2. Rasmus CF
3. Pujols 3B
4. Berkman 1B
5. Brown RF
6. Jay LF
7. Molina C
8. Schumaker 2B
9. McClellan P

1. Werth RF
2. Bernadina CF
3. Zimmerman 3B
4. Nix LF
5. Morse 1B
6. Espinosa 2B
7. Rodriguez C
8. Hernandez P
9. Desmond SS



I’m tired of Tony LaRussa putting loyalty to players above what is best for the team. I don’t care about what Ryan Theriot wants or expects or was promised, he has no business playing SS for the Cardinals. If Mo/Tony didn’t realize what a disaster Theriot was going to be at SS, then they are dumber than the Cubs, the Dodgers and anybody else with workable eyesight.

I don’t see how Theriot at SS could be considered a disaster. I believe he has the 3rd highest batting avg on the team. He has had some errors, but Ryan had them last year too. I think you would have to agree Theriot is a significant offensive upgrade. I am not sure Theriot is the second coming of Ozzie, but in no way close to a disaster.

“Some” errors? Some? He has 13 in less than 70 games. Ryan had 17 for the entire 2010 season. Theriot’s UZR rating is the worst in MLB for SSs. You honestly think that a few extra hits a week (the difference between a .250 BA and a .300 BA) is worth that? Please.

Actually I am saying the extra hits are worth it. I am thinking a few extra hits a week are far more valuable than 15 less errors a year. To each their own, though.

The bigger issue beyond Ryan Theriot and all the ticky-tack injuries to the many non-pitching starters in the last 2 months is what the heck is the Cardinal managerial and pitching staff thinking about. It’s obvious they aren’t thinking about relief pitching! The Cardinals have had the worst relief pitching staff in the NL and maybe in all of ML baseball for the last 2-3 years. If I was Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright, I would have demanded to be traded. The relief staff cost Adam Wainwright the Cy Young award the last 2 years. Now they are losing games for Garcia, Lohse and others who deserve a win. Ryan Franklin is basically toast and well beyond his expected potential. His documented track record since arriving from Seattle is fade in July, August and September. This year he faded in April. But Dave Duncan for whatever reason is still trying to revivie him…a massive waste of time and energy. And the Cards are losing games because of him now. Get rid of him…hello! And left hander Miller is toast also. Get rid of them both. The Cards would be better off without both. Without Wainwright, it’s going to be a very long July, August and September! Don’t expect the Cards to prevail.

This just isn’t accurate. The Cardinals had the sixth-best relief ERA in the NL last year, the fewest blown saves, and the sixth-fewest relief losses. In 2009, they had the fourth-best relief ERA in the NL, the fewest relief losses and the second fewest blown save.

There’s no reasonable measure by which it can be accurately said that the Cardinals’ bullpen was anything but good in 2009-2010.

This year? It’s been rough. But the previous two years it’s been good.


Thanks for being a voice of reason. The sweeping negative statements frustrate me. It is hard to read the message boards and think that the Cardinal fans are the best in baseball. (Although, I would like to believe it is true.) Yes, the Cardinals are not perfect, but with the injuries we have had, it is difficult for me to think they have done anything but outperform their level of talent.

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