Pujols leaves with injury — UPDATED

ST. LOUIS — An injury that at first terrified the Cardinals may yet turn out not to be as bad as was feared. Albert Pujols left St. Louis’  5-4 win over the Royals on Sunday with a sprained left wrist, and the club hopes that further examination will reveal nothing more severe.

Pujols was hurt in a collision at first base with the Royals’ Wilson Betemit. He is also experiencing some soreness in his left shoulder, but the wrist injury is the greater concern at this point.

“I can’t give you too much until we do x-rays tomorrow,” Pujols told reporters after the game. “Pretty much right now I’m just telling you I’m pretty sore in my wrist and my shoulder. We’ll see tomorrow. We took a look at it. I passed a couple tests. But tomorrow we still need to do an x-ray and an MRI. They can’t tell anything with the machine that we have here.”


General manager John Mozeliak said on Sunday afternoon that Pujols underwent an x-ray as part of his initial examination, and that no broken bones were revealed at that time. Still, a full read on the severity of Pujols’ injury will not be available until at least Monday.


“There is going to be another round of diagnostic testing in the morning,” Mozeliak said. “Just to rule out ligament issues and all that. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I couldn’t’ handicap it either way at this point.”


Mozeliak declined to say whether he expected Pujols to require a disabled list stint.


Leading off the sixth inning, Wilson Betemit hit a slow roller up the middle. Pete Kozma fielded the ball and made a throw to Pujols, and as Betemit got to first base, he made contact with the slugger’s left arm. That knocked the mitt off of Pujols, and Pujols hit the ground in obvious pain.


Pujols was removed from the game after being examined on the field. Lance Berkman took over for him at first base. Pujols had put the Cards ahead in the previous half-inning with a solo homer off of reliever Louis Coleman.


The Cardinals have had a staggering run of injuries already in 2011. They have used the disabled list 13 times this year and have seven players currently on the DL, including two with hand or wrist injuries.




what happened to the base runner did they count him out

No? Pujols didn’t catch the ball?

That sucks oh so much. We can ill-afford it. Hope that it is only minor, and that he comes back ASAP!

On the play, the ball was dropped, so the runner was safe.

more good news for the r*d s*x . somehow .

what else is new .

R . T .

I don’t follow. What does this have to do with the Red Sox?

This is insane! Why are they waiting to see a Dr??? Hurry back Pujols safe and injury free!

He was checked out today. It’s common, though, to look more thoroughly the next day. If nothing else, some of the swelling goes away and you can have a better read on what you’re actually dealing with.

Hey, at least we won and Milwaukee lost. We’re tied for first again🙂

Due to swelling, the extent of the injury is not always obvious the first day. It sometimes takes a day to several days.

This has to be the most injury prone Cardinal team I have ever seen, and they have been my team since 1954. I don’t think there is a starter that hasn’t been out with injuries. The only worse luck than the Cardinals is poor Carpenter. Talk about snake bit!

Carpenter isn’t snake bit. Look at that ERA, over 4.00? This time last year he was under 3.00. Carp just isn’t pitching like the old carp whether he’s getting run support or not. And Mathew Leach why is the team not looking to bring back Nick Stavinoha with his past success of being a very productive reserve off the bench in recent years?

Actually you should look past the ERA. See my recent post on him; he’s pitching much better than his ERA is indicating. He’s pitching an awful lot like he did last year. Like 05? No. Like ’10? Yes.

And as for Stavinoha… I like the guy. He’s a good teammate and a hard worker. But he just hasn’t produced in the Majors (234/256/325 lifetime line), and this year he’s not even hitting in Triple-A (241/301/420).


Well with the news of Albert going on the DL for 4 to 6 weeks, I have a question for you. Would Albert and the Cardinal reopen the talks for a new contract while he is on the DL?

I wouldn’t say ZERO chance, but I sure would say almost zero chance.

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