Lucky Seven, crab-cakes-and-Cuban-food edition

OK, I don’t actually eat crab cakes, but everybody else who comes to Baltimore does. And you can bet I’ll be having some Cuban food in St. Petersburg and/or Tampa.

1. Over-under date for Albert Pujols’ return to the active roster: Aug. 1. What say you, sooner or later than that?

2. What should be the front office’s primary acquisition goal before the non-waiver Trade Deadline?

3. Assuming Fernando Salas remains the closer, who is the best option on the current roster to be the primary setup man? (note: Eduardo Sanchez is not on the current active roster)

4. Which Cardinals should be All-Stars?

5. What’s the most surprising team in baseball, good or bad, at the halfway point?

6. Men’s tennis GOAT: Federer? Nadal? Sampras? Borg? Laver? Who ya got? (y’all: this means Greatest Of All Time)

7. Last really good album you bought?



1. Under
2. Bullpen
3. Boggs
4. Albert, Berkman, Holliday, Yadi
5. Pittsburgh
6. Nadal
7. “The King Is Dead” -The Decemberists

1. over
2. base stealer
3. Boggs
4. Albert, Lance, Matt, Yadi.
5. Philidelphia
6. Roger Fedderer
7. In Season: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Anthology

1. Under
2. Bullpen/SS
3. Sanchez
4. Berkman, holliday, Yadi
5. Arizona
6. Sampras
7. Atmosphere – The Family Sign

1. Under by less than 1 week.
2. Bullpen depth that would be under team control for more than this season.
3. When all is said and done, Lance Lynn. (Think Wainwright from 2006.)
4. Holliday, Berkman, Molina, Lohse, Garcia
5. Cleveland
6. Andre Agassi
7. Awesome as F**K – Green Day

1. Under
2. Bullpen
3. Boggs, but Lynn could be the ultimate answer
4. Molina, Berkman, Garcia, Holliday
5. Pittsburgh
6. Sampras
7. Death Cab for Cutie- Codes and Keys

1. Under, but not by much.
2. Bullpen help (setup/closer)
3. Sanchez if healthy, Boggs if not
4. Berkman and Molina
5. Pittsburgh or Cleveland
6. Either Federer or Sampras
7. “Tennessee Fire” and “At Dawn” – My Morning Jacket

1 barely under
2 Established closer
3 Boggs (since they won’t use McClellan)
4 Holliday, Berkman
5 Twins
6 Ivan Lendl (you’re kidding about Laver, right?)
7 Tonight’s the Night

No, definitely not kidding about the only guy to win two grand slams.

1. Under, he’s too competitive to sit on a bench for another month

2. Maybe find another starter and use McClellan in the ‘pen

3. Eduardo Sanchez

4. Lohse got snubbed in ’08, he really deserves it this year

5. Pirates at .500

6. Federer

7. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live at Luther College

Oops. Took GOAT literally! Using acronym It’s Laver for me.

1. Hoping slightly before as I’m attending the 7/29 game vs the cubs–only trip to Busch this year.

2. I think bullpen help is the most pressing need, but also wouldn’t mind seeing a true backup 3B.

3. I like Boggs as the main setup man.

4. Berkman, Yadi, Lohse, Holliday.


6. Don’t follow that close so saying R Fed because of the early bow out at Wimbledon.

7. Enjoyed a lot of 2011’s new ones but right now I’d say Codes and Keys by Death Cab.

1. August first sounds about right, but if anything, maybe a little of an underguess. I think the team will be really careful with that forearm.
2. Bullpen or starter to replace McClellan (thus fixing the bullpen too)
3. Motte’s pretty good. Wish Sanchez was an option. Lynn is also super awesome.
4. Holliday, Berkman, Molina, Lohse
5. The Cardinals….with all of our injuries, we could have ended up being a non-contender
6. Don’t care about golf.
7. “Rosenrot’ by Rammstein

Lisa, love the answer to number 6. You are either really funny or have the worst reading comprehension of all-time.

1. Under by two days.
2. Starter to replace McClellan ==> Bullpen
3. Boggs, Lynn is about to go through an adjustment period
4. Holliday, Berkman, Molina, Lohse
5. Pirates
6. Sampras
7. Color Spectrum by the Dear Hunter

1. Later
2. Bullpen
3. Boggs/Lynn
4. Holliday, Berkman, Pujols, Lohse
5. Pirates. They’re one or two trades/moves from making a push.
6. Unqualified to judge
7. Dave Barnes-What We Want, What We Get

1. later
2. veteran bench player
3. Lynn
4. Matt, Lance, Yadier
5. Pirates
6. Who cares
7. Charley Pride

I can’t believe I have to keep repeating this, but apparently I do.

Obviously _I_ care about No. 6, or I wouldn’t have asked it. Obviously some of the people who have answered before you care. So, I repeat, as I didn’t think I’d have to do anymore:

If you don’t have interest in one of the questions, just don’t answer it.



1. Sooner
2. LH relief pitching
3. Boggs
4. Berkman, Holliday, Molina, Lohse
5. I thought the Rockies would be much better than they’ve been.
6. Sampras in his prime was unbeatable. Federer is a close second.
7. Paper Airplane by Alison Krauss and Union Station

1. Later
2. Relief pitching
3. See number 2
4. Berkman
5. Cubs are having a great season – only 11 games back and 15 under .500 at the split
6. Federer
7. Ernest Ranglin – Below the Bassline

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