Wednesday lineups

1. Theriot SS
2. Schumaker 2B
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Berkman RF
6. Rasmus CF
7. Molina C
8. Descalso 3B
9. Westbrook P

1. Heisey CF
2. Renteria SS
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Rolen 3B
7. Lewis LF
8. Hanigan C
9. Arroyo P


schumaker has been getting alot of playing time. why not put descalso at 2nd at freese at 3rd OR play punto?

Schumaker’s swinging a pretty hot bat. Punto’s bat is not necessarily as hot right now. The Freese question isn’t as clean cut. He’s been hitting well. Dunno why he’s not in the lineup. Only thing I can say is that I’m sure he’s available to pinch hit.

It’s just an off day for Freese. He’s played every single day after missing nearly two months. He could use a break.

Descalso’s just not as good a player as Schumaker. As for Punto, I think he’s best suited for part-time to most-of-the-time duty, rather than playing every day.

With Westbrook struggling, do you think that there is any chance they will trade him?

No. He has blanket no-trade protection. Plus, as you note, he’s not at his best. Why sell low?

I feel like the Ludwick-Westbrook trade was the worst trade EVER! also why not put k-mac in bullpen and have lynn start

we we didnt trade ludwick, we wouldnt have gotten Berkman, So i mean what would u rather have an allstar, and a decent starter or ludwick, an average player, i mean it seems like i would rather have westbrook and Berkman, then Ludwick hands down, also this year ludwick is hitting 251 with 10 homeruns and 54 rbis, thats not as good as the combo of jay and Berkman, so it was not the worst trade ever, i think the worse trade ever was the mark derosa trade, trrading away chris perez whos is one of the save leaders in the AL for Derosa who barely played 50 games because he had an injury, gets ur facts staright and please, think what it got us, it got us Berkamn and i wouldnt really say that hes struggling with a 7 and 4 i mean yes his era is kinda high, but the defense is also at fault for his struggling and just because he had a bad game agaisnt cincinatti who is a good team doesnt mean he is struggling, also in his last ten games he is 5 and 1 with a 430 era which is high but the cardinals do pretty well usually when he is on the mound

In basically a full season of at-bats since the deal (524 ABs, 590 plate appearances), Ludwick has hit .235 with a .311 on-base percentage and a .366 slugging percentage. Could the Cardinals have gotten more at the time for Ludwick? Maybe. But to say that, because of Westbrook’s results, that it was a bad deal makes no sense to me.

As for the other, you ask why not. I ask why do that? You’ve got a good starter and a good reliever. Why mess with that?


This team is much less painful if one checks the score the next day. Maybe next year, if we can get a semblance of pitching.

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