A surprise for Holliday

At this morning’s All-Star managers’ news conference, NL manager Bruce Bochy announced his lineup — which included Matt Holliday batting seventh and playing left field. Holliday steps in for Ryan Braun, who is unavailable due to injury.


So, during Holliday’s media availability session this morning, I asked him when he had found out that he would be in the lineup. And, well…


“I didn’t, actually,” he said. “Am I? Oh, cool. Perfect.”


I was inclined to believe him, but Holliday has been known to deadpan a joke or two. A couple more questions were asked, and I followed up. You really didn’t know?


“I honestly didn’t. Freese texted me earlier and said something about starting and I didn’t know what he was talking about.”


More to come on all of the Cardinals’ All-Stars both here and at the site later today.



Yay Holliday🙂 Soo glad that three of our guys made it.


Hey, not on twitter today, but wanted to apologize for sounding like a “crazy fan” last night. Sometimes, it’s just fun to flip out on twitter over things as a fan, but it’s rarely as serious as it sounds on there. Also, after reading the Post Dispatch, it seems you were right about Berkman giving up another at-bat for Upton and Jay. Personally, I’m still irritated at the way Bochy handled the Pujols situation (and even the Holliday at-bat…althought I understand that because Matt wasn’t voted as a starter), but I know the ASG manager’s job is a nightmare trying to get all those players in. I don’t want his job…but I still think not being proactive to find a way to get the “Babe Ruth” of his generation on the team was a huge mistake. That one – to me – was one of those things you have to do as the NL manager.

Anyway, sorry if I offended/upset you. I hope you remember many of my comments that sound worse than they are are meant more figurative than literal.

thanks for being so approachable to fans,

Thx for the note. Doing my best. What I just don’t think people realize is that when they freak out, in an @ reply to me, I’m actually reading that, and it comes across as freaking out at me… personal. And it’s not fun.

Anyway. Hope all’s well, and again, thanks.

Also, dude… “after reading in the P-D?” As though my tweet and story that night might have been all made up? That hurts. That really hurts. Dang.


Ha! Whatever, Matt…you know you’re my primary source😉

I swear…there’s no one else…uh…i mean…”she meant nothing to me…it was just physical”

Nice! Holliday played well yesterday. It didn’t look like AL even showed up! Well… um… I guess they didn’t, literally.
But Holliday def. showed his value.

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