Monday lineup from Milwaukee

1. Furcal SS

2. Jay CF

3. Pujols 1B

4. Holliday LF

5. Berkman RF

6. Freese 3B

7. Schumaker 2B

8. Molina C

9. Carpenter P



I like this lineup a lot🙂 The only squabble I have is that Theriot hit really well in Chicago. Surprised Tony didn’t play him agian. Oh well🙂

Schumaker had an excellent series too.

Agreed, what was the logic on starting Descalso yesterday?

Furcal basically didn’t sleep at all the night before. Was up all night packing and then catching an early-morning cross-country flight. That, combined with terrible career numbers vs Dempster.

No reason that lineup shouldn’t win the Central.

Holla to that! GO REDBIRDS🙂

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