Wednesday lineups from Milwaukee – Pujols is in – UPDATED

Let’s play the feud!

Cardinals (note change to 5-6 spots)

1. Furcal SS
2. Theriot 2B
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Freese 3B
6. Berkman RF
7. Molina C
8. Patterson CF
9. Jackson P


1. Hart RF
2. Morgan CF
3. Braun LF
4. Fielder 1B
5. McGehee 3B
6. Betancourt SS
7. Lopez 2B
8. Kottaras C
9. Wolf P



Duder, As you may remember I am not a fan of Tony LaRussa’s. You can’t argue with results, but as a person he seems to be a complete a-hole. He runs off players that he can’t get along with (Steve Kilne, Ray King, Scott Rolen, Colby Rasmus). He yells at reporters for doing their job, and he gets WAY too defensive when it comes to talking about his strategy or whether retaliation is in order after one of his players is beaned. Why do you suppose he has a problem with being honest about things like that? When I see him react that way, it tells me that he DID appreciate the retaliation but won’t admit it. That’s just dishonest, especially when he gets so defensive and acts angry at the media for even asking about it. If Albert Pujols gets hit, and one of our pitchers takes it upon himself to send a message back, why does LaRussa get angry at reporters for asking about it? He seems like a Tea Party nut. Everything has to go his way, and he’s not afraid of running off good people iof he doesn’t like them personally.As someone who interacts with the skipper regularly, what’s your take on dealing with such a person?

There’s a lot in here so I’m not entirely sure what exactly the question is. But the answer, such as I understand the question, is this: I love covering the guy. On the whole, overall, total picture, I love covering him. He’s fascinating, and always has a reason for every move, and is always newsworthy.

As for the tactics, it’s not always enjoyable, but his obsession — yes, obsession — is with making sure to take advantage of every single possible edge. Be that psychological, tactical, whatever it may be. Everything is calculated, and as long as you remember that, you’re going to be fine.


You answered my ill-concieved question, Dude. Thanks. I didn’t put that very well, but you still got what I meant. I just always notice him acting very defensive when he’s asked about if he “ordered” a retaliation to a bean ball. I don’t see the need to be that way toward reporters. But I guess I see more of that than anything else, since I don’t get local news. I see when he makes national news for an outburst, but I don’t see everyday post game pressers.

I don’t think he can admit it, lest he face suspension and fines from MLB.

A leader cannot lead if everyone does not follow. I do not always agree with Him but you cannot argue His winning. I think players would play better if they had a position and stayed put. There is a lot of difference in playing one infield spot or another one. Bur who am I? He is the one making the money. If He did not win He would be replaced!!

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