Holliday downplays back ailment

Matt Holliday was a late scratch from Wednesday’s lineup, with Jon Jay moving into the starting nine, but Holliday downplayed the severity of the back discomfort he’s feeling. The Cardinals’ star outfielder “tweaked” a muscle in the area of his left lower back while preparing to lift weights prior to Wednesday’s game against the Brewers.


“I don’t know much,” Holliday wrote in a text message shortly before the game. “Just tweaked a muscle on my left side, low-back/glute. Shouldn’t be more than a day or two.”


Corey Patterson got the start in right field instead of center, where he was originally slated to play, with Allen Craig moving from right field to left. Jay was added to the lineup in center field.


A club source said of the decision to sit Holliday, “We’re just being kind of safe.”




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Why was Berkman out of the lineup?

Terrible numbers against Wolf.

Cards can’t manage to catch any breaks as far as staying healthy

Lynn to the DL really hurts with how well he has been going lately and now this

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I HATE that strategy he uses. Berkman may have terrible numbers against Wolf, but he has had a great year so far and could easily have a 4-4 day against him. Without Berkman we don’t score as much. And with Holliday out too, I think that was a terrible decision.

Before we point fingers at the lineup or decisions, the finger should be pointed at the pitching staff. We would only have to score 14 then 10 runs and we would have a winning streak.
Maybe a good song for us right now would be an old Jim Reeves song called,
“I Fall To Pieces.” It is harder to play when one spots the opponent a huge lead early. However a few guys played well.
All year, it has been the norm that we aren’t setting the table for the Big Three near often enough. Pujois comes to bat and the bags are empty.
The pitching situation is the top priority this winter. Try to keep the big bats, but don’t let $$$ cost us a chance to win the division. We need a shortstop who can hit better than his weight, as well. I say this winter, not to say our chances are gone right now, but it looks like we are low on powder and what we have is wet.
Wainwright being out sure didn’t help, but we have too many so-so pitchers both starting and relieving that are very inconsistent.
The attendance during the last two days shows it all. We have the best fans in the country, but many of them are tired of also-rans whipping our tails.

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