Thursday lineup


1. Furcal SS
2. Jay CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Berkman RF
5. Freese 3B
6. Craig LF
7. Molina C
8. Theriot 2B
9. Carpenter P


Still being cautious with Holliday, I guess. I think that’s a good call. Did Holliday feel worse today at all?

He didn’t talk. But I was not expecting him today either way.

Can you explain why baseball players work out with weights before a game? It seems it would wear you out. And, in Holiday’s case, he tweaked his back. Weights after the game and on off days make more sense to me.

Surprised that The Riot gets the start here against a tough righty. Thought it would be Shoe or Descalso. Go redbirds!

5-for-13 with 3 BB vs Gallardo.

Hey Matt,

I always enjoy reading your articles on the site and love the insight you give on Twitter during the games. But, really, regarding the rasmus trade? I mean scrabble isn’t even pitching back to back days as a loogy and Rhodes is getting higher leverage situations than this guy and he’s not young. And, Jackson isn’t exactly tearing it up. All stats are kind of out the window w the small sample size and that sss being polluted w his ‘take one for the team’ start against the brewers as the bulpen was taxed (though scrabble had only thrown 4 pitches while walking a batter the night before). Add in the fact the cards are doing worse since the trade despite picking up furcal, and this trade is downright horrible, no?

In short: I still think it was not a good move in the long-term. I also still think that regardless of the outcomes over the past 3 weeks, the team was better on July 28 than it was on July 26.

ANYTHING can happen in a few weeks of baseball. The Yankees or Phillies can go 7-14. Doesn’t mean they’re not great teams. The Royals can go 14-7. Doesn’t mean they are. I know it’s not satisfying, but how the team has played in a 3-week span doesn’t, for MY money, change how I view either the short- or long-term evaluation of that deal.


BTW if you’re referring to the inbox question, please do note how it was asked.

The question was: why did they do it? I wasn’t asked to give my personal analysis of the deal (I did that on Twitter, btw). I was asked why. So, my goal was to answer that question — to give that person an answer as to what the club’s thought process was leading up to the deal.

Doesn’t mean I agree. Doesn’t mean I think it was the right move. But again, that’s not what I was asked. I was asked why they did it. So I tried to answer that question.


I agree with you, Benny. Horrible trade. Also Jon Jay has struggled at the dish since Raz was traded.

7 and a half out now. Can’t beat the damn Pirates or Cubs. That trade killed our season. I hate LaRussa.

LaRussa just did’nt like Raz shipped him off like he did Rolen. Trading Lud for Westbrook who had a losing record at the while still in contention for the post season did’nt make sense because it did’nt improve the team which is what contending teams do. hurting the team to get rid of a good player that you don’t like is grounds for impeachment. Tony puts his personal feelings above the teams interest and should never let a pitcher pinch hit with position players on the bench. LaRussa benched Colby last year and said that he was injured and Colby came out and asked to be traded because he was not injured but Tony would not give him playing. What going on in the club house?

I hate to be critical of Tony LaRussa but i think he grown weary of his job and should retire. He has made too many questionable moves over the past five years and should move on. he will go into the hall as one of the greatest managers that baseball has ever seen but the more he hangs around the more he hurts himself and the team. His last questionable move was taking Carp out of the Monday nights game with a man on first while Chris was still in control and a lack luster bullpen. We have to win games like this one on 08/22/2011.

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