Berkman: “I’m not going to get moved”

Lance Berkman said Tuesday afternoon that, despite rumors swirling about a potential deal to the Rangers, it’s his understanding that the Cardinals have no interest in trading him.

“I’m not going to get moved,” he said. ” I think the ship has sailed. I really do.

“I don’t want to be moved. I don’t think they want to move me. Obviously Mo has an obligation as the general manager to listen to any [offers]. But certainly I think both sides, myself and the Cardinals, we’re on the same page with this.”

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Thank goodness. At least one of the few bright spots this season can at least play himself through to the end in cardinal red.

If the Cards are serious about re-signing Berkman, trading him would be the dumbest possible thing to do. Nobody would give the Cardinals enough to make it worth it, because there’s a month left in the season. Berkman projects type A, so the Cards would have to give up their first round pick to the team they just traded him to in order to re-sign him. The Cards would essentially be giving up Berkman and a first round pick to get some random prospects.

Why don’t we sign Troy Percival for insurance?

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Trade him then resign him next year. Depending on how the serieses go with Milwaukee. We get him and who ever he was traded for.

That’s not an option. Check the story that will be going up on the site shortly.

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