Cardinals on the… festivities

My friend and colleague Adam McCalvy has a blog post up with what the Brewers had to say tonight. And a little later at and, there will be a longer story that covers the whole incident during the ninth inning tonight.


In the meantime, though, here are what the principal Cardinals had to say after the game:


TLR: “Rarely do I comment about another player, because it’s not appropriate. Milwaukee should comment about their players and we should comment about ours. But he [Nyjer Morgan] is having a good year for them, he’s a talented guy, but he’s close to the edge as far as creating problems and trouble. It takes away from the player that he’s been for them or wherever he’s been with his fuse being so short and actually looking for things to instigate. So I hope he gets a clue. And he probably is going to get upset, or somebody will, that I gave advice, but it’s the truth. It’s the truth. He could be the player he is without instigating.”

Carpenter: “I don’t know. I’m not going to go there. He’s a good player who plays with some serious talent. He just plays the game a different way.

(could you hear him talking?) “I didn’t know anything was going on until I heard Albert.”

(did you realize he’d thrown his chew at you?) “I didn’t see that until the replay.”

“I’m not concerned about it to be honest with you. … I’m not going to play his game. There’s a certain way to compete and a certain way not to compete. He competes hard but he does it in a different manner, which is unfortunate because it takes away from what kind of player he is. He is a really good player.”

(were you consciously staying out of it as the benches cleared?) “Well, the umpire came up and was like, ‘Don’t go in there.’ I didn’t really know what was going on, and then the umpire came in and was like, ‘Don’t go over there.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not going to waste my time with that.’ I’m just not going to waste my time with it.”

(was it hard to maintain or regain your focus?) “I was focused on what I was doing. I was focused on executing pitches and I’m not going to allow him to take me out of my game. He was yelling at me at second base. He was yelling at me down the line when he hit the double. The whole game he’s screaming and yelling, the whole game. I’m not going to allow it [getting distracted] to happen. I don’t know if that’s the way he plays, to try to get guys out of their game or what. But I’ve been around too long to allow that to happen, I can tell you that much.”

Pujols: “Last game of the series, of the season with those guys, we’ve been playing great [games] all year, and I have so much respect for those guys on the other side. They play the game hard every time and yeah, you’ve got about a month ago a couple of miscommunications, couple of guys getting hit by pitches, myself and Braun, but when that is over, you flip the page. I just got in the middle to make sure that Morgan didn’t jump on Carp. The last thing you want is our guy that’s trying a shutout game to lose his focus.

“I actually like that guy [Morgan]. I don’t mind having a guy like that on my team. He brings a lot of energy to the ballclub, and you want to have a guy like that. But sometimes I think he goes [a little overboard] and tries to put too much energy. I remember when he came up with Pittsburgh, the guy just played the game, played hard all the time, never talks. And now you wonder why he’s been on three different ballclubs the last year and a half, you know?”

(note: Pujols actually said “over the little board,” but obviously he meant “a little overboard.”)

(Carpenter said he was yelling all night) “Every time. every time. When he hit that double he was screaming. Yesterday he screamed, a couple days ago when he hit that… Which I don’t mind. Do whatever you want. But when you strike out like that and try to throw the chew the mound to our pitcher and yell, come on man. You need to be more professional than that.

“I’m nobody to judge, because I’ve made my mistakes sometimes so I’m not going to throw the first rock. Everybody’s got their own issues. all I have to worry about is myself, take care of myself. I don’t care what anybody else does in this game.”



Carp – way to be the amazing pitcher you are. Albert, way to stick up for your teammate. Tony, thanks for keeping it real – but being honest too. Nyjer Morgan, GET A FRIGGIN LIFE. Your little antics are NOT cute – they are UNPROFESSIONAL and UNNECCESSARY. Grow up.

you do realize that the benches never would’ve cleared and none of this would’ve happened if Poo-holes would’ve stayed put instead of running across the field?

What if Holliday was chirping at Greinke and Fielder came running across the field to shut him up? How would the sacred St. Louis nation handle that one?

The points of view here are perfectly reasonable.

The name-calling and nasty sarcastic tones are not. I don’t have a lot of rules here, really only one. Be respectful: to each other, to me, and to the players. Thanks.


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