Carpenter to pitch Game 2

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa dropped a bit of a surprise on reporters on Friday when he announced that right-hander Chris Carpenter will pitch Game 2 of his team’s National League Division Series against the Phillies. Carpenter will be starting on three days’ rest for the first time in his Major League career.

Kyle Lohse will pitch Game 1 on Saturday, followed by Carpenter on Sunday. Jaime Garcia will make his first Major League playoff appearance in Tuesday’s Game 3 in St. Louis. La Russa did not disclose a Game 4 starter, though it almost certainly be either Edwin Jackson or Jake Westbrook — and much more likely Jackson than Westbrook. La Russa said that both men would be on the playoff roster and available to pitch in relief in Games 1 and 2.

Carpenter pitched a shutout on 105 pitches on Wednesday as the Cardinals clinched their playoff spot.

“A lot depended on Wednesday, and he had a real good game,” La Russa said Friday. “He felt strong at the end, so we didn’t really announce anything because we wanted to wait to see how he felt yesterday, wanted to wait to see how he feels today. And if he would have come in with any kind of stiffness, we would have gone a different direction.”

By pitching Carpenter in Game 2, the Cardinals provide for the option to use him on regular rest in a potential Game 5 in Philadelphia. Carpenter is 5-2 in nine career postseason starts with a 2.93 ERA.



I think you mean “Game 5 in Philadelphia.”

Yep. Thanks. Fixed.

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I don’t like it. Short rest after a complete game? I’d rather Carp in game 3, though I appreciate potential game 5 availability.

I’d think Jackson in there for 2 and Garcia in 4. I need to give Tony a call, I guess.

Carp on the road in the playoffs: 29.1 innings, ERA of 4.60.

Carp at home is MUCH better.

Pretty small samples there.

Exactly much better at home. This is a league game, Tony.

I think the worry about Garcia’s home/road splits is and should be MUCH larger than Carpenter’s.

It’s really quite simple; “In Tony We Trust”

I agree with Tony’s decesion to start Carp in game two. I say they all know what they are doing since they are veterans at it.

I spelled “decision” wrong in my previous post. Just did not know if you fans on this one are the type to hate that or never notice. I prefer the “never notice or care” type!!!!!!!!

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