Schumaker expected to be out for NLCS

Skip Schumaker felt worse on Saturday than he did on Friday night, and as a result, he is expected to be left off the Cardinals’ roster for the National League Championship Series. That’s one of two changes the Cardinals are likely to make to the roster they used to beat the Phillies in their NL Division Series.

Schumaker suffered a strained right oblique muscle in Friday night’s win against the Phillies. He was unable to participate in any sort of on-field activities on Saturday, leading to the decision to sideline him for the NLCS. He will most likely be replaced by a pitcher. The Cardinals actually intend to add two pitchers to their roster, most likely Kyle McClellan and Lance Lynn, while removing Schumaker and another pitcher. The primary candidate to be bumped from the pitching staff is apparently Jake Westbrook, who did not appear in the NLDS.

Thus the Cards would take 12 pitchers and 13 hitters into the NLCS, as opposed to an 11/14 breakdown in the Division Series. Other possibilities do still exist, including staying at 11 pitchers (and adding someone such as Tyler Greene to take Schumaker’s roster spot). Eduardo Sanchez will also receive some consideration. However, most likely is that McClellan and Lynn will be activated and the Cardinals will carry 12 pitchers.

Nick Punto and Ryan Theriot will be the primary candidates to get playing time in Schumaker’s stead.

“It was a little more sore this morning, no doubt about it,” Schumaker said. “I don’t know how long it’s going to be. It’s not the kind of thing where they can just tell you it’s a week or 10 days. Hopefully it’s just for this series but I couldn’t do any baseball activity today. That’s why it’s frustrating.”

(more to come on this at later this evening)



Lynn over Sanchez? Color me surprised.

More confidence in Lynn’s health.

I noticed Detroit left Delmon Young off their roster, for the exact same reason… why do so many players get oblique injuries these days?

I thought Jake Westbrook was supposed to be great in the post season.

His career playoff numbers aren’t really that good, but whether they were great or terrible, that’s not really something you should base the decision on.

If the Cards select Lynn for the NLCS roster, they will have to activate him off the 60-day DL. Before they do that, they will have to waive somebody off the 40 man roster to create space for him. Who will that be?

Seems much more likely that they would go with Eduardo Sanchez over Lynn.

It may well seem that way, but I assure you, I’m not making this up.

Per TLR on KMOX earlier this morning – Schu and Westbrook are on the sidelines for the NLCS and K-Mac and Lynn are added for the NLCS.

Matt – any word yet on who the Cards are waiving/releasing off the 40 man roster? Patterson (released)?

Almost as though I knew what I was talking about last night!

Conceded – you knew what your were talking about on Saturday night. But, in re-reading the article, you didn’t seem to be totally convinced of the move.

Either way, I rather see Westbrook watching this one from the sidelines. His pitching at times did not inspire a whole lot of confidence.

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