Sunday lineups from Milwaukee

1. Furcal SS
2. Jay CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Berkman RF
5. Holliday LF
6. Freese 3B
7. Molina C
8. Punto 2B
9. Jackson RHP
1. Hart RF
2. Morgan CF
3. Braun LF
4. Fielder 1B
5. Weeks 2B
6. Hairston 3B
7. Betancourt SS
8. Lucroy C
9. Marcum P




My lineup for game 1 vs CJ Wilson would be……
Theriot 2b, Craig CF, Pujols 1b, Holliday LF,Freese 3b, Molina c, Berkman RF, Furcal SS, Carpenter P

Theriot and Furcal are interchangable. Probly should leadoff Furcal since he has been playing so well this postseason.

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