Monday Winter Meetings tidbits

Lotta stuff from today. Be sure to check out the Hot Stove Blog, where there are all kinds of updates from the meetings, including plenty on some Cardinals targets and their talks with other teams.


* John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt met with Dan Lozano for about an hour, and Mozeliak expects to speak with him again tonight. Mozeliak did not go into much detail as to the pace or results of the talks, but acknowledged that he wouldn’t be surprised if things pick up with Pujols and various teams in the next few days.

* Per Mozeliak, the club is not assuming it has any “last right of refusal” for another team’s offer to Pujols. He said he has not asked and team Pujols has not indicated.

* My friend and colleague Jesse Sanchez reported earlier today that the Cardinals are one of five teams in the hunt for Octavio Dotel. However, Mozeliak indicated that there’s really not much movement with Dotel right now.

* Mozeliak reiterated that the Cardinals will not be adding a starting pitcher, even if they do not sign Pujols.

* The Cardinals have spoken with Pujols directly since the season ended, not just with Lozano.

* Mozeliak acknowledged that it’s unlikely — “not inconceivable,” but unlikely — that the club has BOTH Skip Schumaker and Ryan Theriot next year. One or the other could well return, but probably not both.


And, finally, the playlist…

It’s pretty simple, I’ve been listening to one thing more than anything else lately: the new official release of the Rolling Stones’ Brussels Affair 1973 live recording. So today’s playlist is five highlights from that unbelievable album:

“Gimme Shelter”
“Tumblin’ Dice”
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
“All Down the Line”
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”



Well, I am among those who kinda felt this coming. Cardinals management painted themselves into a corner in the past such that they had top make a business decision in the present. The amount of disrespect shown to Albert by constantly de-emphasizing negotiations with him, all the while watching the market move higher and higher and refusing to act means that the Cards tossed away any real chance of signing their iconic player… the man who should have been the next Stan the Man. Sure, this is about the money to a great extent, but it seems even more about issues of respect. As Bernie wrote a few days ago, the Cards got the greatest player in baseball for eleven years at an average cost of $10M and refused to acknowledge that discount, much less all the money the team’s success over that period has made them. Given attendance, TV, radio and merchandizing in the past, present and future, there’s no way the Cards needed to lowball him last winter or be so passive since the Cards won the World Series this year. They should be embarrassed. I expect the backlash to be serious. They’d better hope there are a lot of wins next year. I no longer expect Yadi to finish out his career as a Cardinal nor see any reason any other great player now with the team or in the pipeline downstream will anticipate doing (or want to do) so either.

A sign at a Springfield gas station reads ” Take your statue with you Pujols”. I agree.

I don’t agree Shaun. The Cardinals had chance after chance after chance to do this right over the last few years. It sounds like they showed no creativity (how about five years for $26M with five years at a base of $20M and incentives?) or even real interest (sure seemed like they dawdled and dithered to me)… Have you read Pujols’ interview? Whatever you think of him, the man’s not a lier. I think that the Cardinals decided, when Howard signed his contract, that they weren’t going to be able to afford Pujols so they stopped really trying. It may turn out well but I think it was not only the wrong decision but that it was seriously mishandled.

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