Making the best of things



I’m in the midst of working on a couple of stories on today’s events, and as I promised on Twitter, I’m also going to put up a blog post answering the most common questions about the Albert Pujols situation. In the meantime, though, I wanted to throw this out there because I think it’s really cool.


The Gathering, a church in St. Louis, is asking that if you are parting with your Pujols shirts, jerseys, etc., that you please not just throw them away (or worse). Donate them. The church will be collecting any items and donating them to a clothing pantry in the Los Angeles area. It’s a way to make some good out of what is obviously sad, frustrating day for a lot of Cardinals fans. You can bring the items by 2105 McCausland Ave. during regular business hours on Sunday.


Here’s a link for a bit more info.




I wonder how long it will be before Yadi is in Anaheim? I’m guessing after next season. I absolutely LOATHE the business of baseball. Also glad I never spent my hard earned money on Pujols merchandise. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another MLB jersey. Too much player movement makes them worthless after a few years.

I only purchase jerseys of retired players, for that very reason. 6, 20, 45…

If there was a like button, i’d click it on your post.

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Hey, M. As ticked off as I am about Pujols leaving St. Louis, I do see opportunity. With rumors of Hanley Ramirez not being happy in Miami having to play 3rd base, what do you think the chances are that he might end up in St. Louis? After all, they are looking to upgrade 2B and SS, and if not Ramirez, maybe someone of his caliber?

Matt, I have a question on Pujols’ overall legacy in baseball. Obviously, he will make it to the hall of fame. But my question is, what team would you expect him to represent the day he is elected into it. I mean, he will make his 500, 600, 3,000, maybe 700 milestones with the Angels (unfortunately), but what team do you think he would end up representing? Would they give him the Angels since we will reach them with that team during his career? I mean, being a big Cardinals fan, and Pujols fan, I would love to see him representing us, but being that those really big moments will be with another team, are we just going to be the team that is overlooked as one of Pujols’ homes for the rest of baseball’s time being?

First, under the “old rules” these last two teams who won the WS for the Cards would not have even qualified for the playoffs. While I am a Pujols fan let us not forget that he benefitted from an expanded playoff schedule. We have had other great players who because they didn’t play during the expanded playoff schedule aren’t as famous.
Second, both this WS and last year’s WS were won by excellent pitching.

What’s the Cardinals plan with the rest of the “Albert” money? Jimmy Rollins at SS and but Furcal, I doubt, go buy Beltran and put him in right field, or…


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