Saturday Warm-Up tidbits

The early part of today has been prospect day. We’ve chatted with Zack Cox, Ryan Jackson and Jordan Swagerty.

* Jackson and Swagerty (and obviously Cox, since he’s on the 40-man roster) will be in Major League camp in the spring, we were told.


* Cox was asked about playing second base versus third, and said third remains the only thing on his mind.

“I haven’t played anywhere but third base. So that’s where I’ve been working. Until they tell me differently, I’m going to keep working there and just see what happens.”

This, by the way, coincides with what I’ve been told by club personnel. Cox is a third baseman for now at least.


* Jackson was asked about his experience playing with Nick Punto while Punto was an injury rehab assignment, and he raved:

“I learned a lot from him in two weeks, just watching him go about his business. He had a set routine and I was able to pick his brain on some defensive things. Punto is an awesome guy.”


* Swagerty said that at this point, it doesn’t matter as far as his preparations whether he’ll be starting or relieving. His preseason work will be the same.

“I’m going to start off the same way with bullpens, then facing live hitters. And then if they want me to be a starter, then I’ll build up to a starter during Spring Training, and if not, I’ll just hang out in the pen and do my deal there.

As for his preference, he gave at least a little hint:

“I think I have a closer mentality, but I like doing both. Wherever they have me, I hope to do well.”




Thanks for keeping us abreast of the kids!


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