Warm-Up tidbits: Mozeliak edition

Once again, we’ll have plenty of coverage on the site as well, with a couple of items in the notebook addressing John Mozeliak’s comments to reporters this afternoon. But I was also able to attend his session speaking to fans in the main hall today. Here are a few choice nuggets from that:

* On the Albert Pujols negotiations: “It’s a difficult thing. There’s no doubt that that process was exhausting, frustrating and one that when you reflect back on it, it’s just… The right decision probably ended up happening. It’s very difficult for a club of this size… With where we want to go and how we can operate, it just creates new opportunities for us. As I look back at it, I don’t think I can treat it any other way than spilled milk at this time. It’s not something that I think we can sit there and [stew about]. It’s time to move on.”


* Mozeliak said he has seen “four or five” potential designs for World Series rings, but that no one design has yet been selected.


* He and Mike Matheny have discussed the possibility of Jim Edmonds returning to the organization in some capacity.

“As far as what the role looks like or how we define it, we haven’t done that yet,” he said.


* On trying to lock up Yadier Molina long-term (this is one issue that will be addressed in the notebook, so do check Cardinals.com for more depth on this subject): “He’s obviously a popular player and one that we hope stays here for a long time. In terms of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, I really can’t get into those types of details, but I assure we’re going to try to find a way to make it work. I know that he also wants to try to be here as well, so usually when you have that type of understanding and mutual agreement, you usually can get something resolved.”


* Asked about the batting order, he said he expects the most likely combination is Carlos Beltran second, Matt Holliday third and Lance Berkman fourth.

“Obviously Spring Training could change that, but you look at what [Beltran] is capable of doing, his on-base percentage, he does seem like a natural fit there. He could be a middle of the order type hitter.”


* On the possibility of adding Roy Oswalt: “The big issue of adding more pitching depth is, what do we do with our current five? I certainly like the idea of an insurance policy but I don’t know… what that involves.

“It’s something we will reflect on. There’s no doubt that he would be a nice addition, but I just don’t know how practical it is at this time.”


* He made it very clear (not that this is any kind of surprise) that Prince Fielder will not be coming here.


* He echoed Tony La Russa’s comments from last night about why La Russa is not likely to be in this organization in the near future, even though La Russa expects to continue working in baseball.

“I don’t think Tony wants to be around at this point. I think the reason is, if you’re Mike Matheny, you don’t want to feel like he’s overshadowing him or second-guessing. … I tend to agree with that thinking.”


* Asked what he would do if he could sign just one more player, Mozeliak didn’t identify a specific player, of course. But he did say that such an add would be much more likely to be a pitcher than a hitter.



I see they are interested in bring Edmonds back but have they given any thought to bringing Chris Sabo back? I think it’d be a great idea.


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