Winter Warm-Up tidbits: All Wainwright edition

We’re going to have a massive amount of Adam Wainwright on the site today, and something tells me that’s not a problem with any of you folks. Jenifer will be writing a feature on him as well as a note in the notebook about his comments on Tim Tebow (spoiler: he’s a fan). In the meantime, a few tidbits from his session with us this afternoon…


* On his elbow: “My arm feels great. My arm feels really good. I had a side [session] on Thursday. It went great, and I’ll continue to throw till Spring Training. I’m actually kind of worried that I’m too far along, as opposed to the other way around.”

* On the team monitoring his workload and perhaps reining him in at times: “We’ll have to wait and see. I’m not sure. I’m going to feel fresh and ready to go, and they’re probably going to pull the reins on me a little bit in the beginning. We’ll just have to wait and see. if I’m throwing low-impact innings, throwing 80 pitches in eight innings, stuff like that, then you can go a lot longer than if you’re out there grinding throwing 120, 130 pitches.”

* On a projected innings count of 150-180: “150 innings sounds like half a season to me. that’s five innings for 30 starts. If I’m making all my starts, I just don’t see how that would be possible. But he is the boss, so at the end of the day you defer to him. but any pitcher that is out there competing their tail off and is decent at what they do should throw more than 150 innings, I think.”

* On Albert Pujols: “As a teammate of Albert, you want him to come back. As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, more than just a player for the Cardinals, you understand why making a huge commitment, a $300 million commitment, is just potential suicide. But you also know it would be worth it if Albert is Albert. I don’t think either side was wrong. I think it’s business. Of course you want to see a guy like that, who means so much to a franchise, finish here. but the nature of the game today is there’s just so many things that happen that we don’t want to happen.”

* On whether the club has approached him about a new deal (Wainwright is signed through 2013): “Not close. I haven’t heard anything about it and I probably won’t until they see that I’m healthy and out there rolling. Now if I go out there rolling, they better get going quick. But of course I want to finish my career here. everybody knows that. everybody that plays here wants to finish their career here. I can’t remember very many guys wanting to leave. This is St. Louis. People call it baseball heaven. Well, you know what? we kind of have it like that. we’re very blessed to have it in St. Louis. It would definitely be invited from my side of it.”

(Btw, the “they better get going quick” was said good-naturedly, and not as any kind of threat. Trust me. I was there.)




Baseball makes me stupid. Five weeks after Albert reminds me never, ever to put my hope and faith in a ballplayer again, I hear Waino say that he wants to retire a Cardinal and I get all warm inside and feel certain that HE will be the franchise player we can all tell our grandkids about with no caveats. I’m forced to quote Phil Collins: “Hold on, my heart….we both know we’ve been here before…..”

Thanks for the updates—I’m two time zones away or I’d be there myself!


Adam, I love you, man. Will you have my babies?

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