Winter Warm-Up Saturday tidbits: Romero, Motte, Miller, Adams, Descalso

Same distribution of labor today. I’m your friendly neighborhood blog pilot, getting quick, brief updates to you here. Jenifer Langosch is once again handling the heavy lifting at, filing stories and notebooks with a little more depth to them. I’m also filing lots of video that should be getting up on the site. Hope you’re enjoying it all. Here’s today’s first batch of tidbits:

* J.C. Romero had a long chat with us this morning about several topics, foremost among them the stresses he’s endured over the past three years. Romero recently reached a settlement over a tainted settlement that caused him to test positive for a PED back in 2008, and he described the misery of dealing with that stigma and the relief of having it all settled now. This will be a topic of a longer story on the site, and will certainly be worth reading, but in the meantime here’s a little of what he had to say:

“I believe in the MLB system completely. I’m happy that Mr. Bud Selig and everybody is doing what they’re doing with the game. But at that particular time, when I got suspended, I think there were some gray areas in the system that I didn’t agree with. They have to do their job and I respect their decision. But I’ve got to protect myself too. And I knew that my case wasn’t like everybody else’s. I didn’t go in an alley and stick a needle in my body, anything like that. I did what everybody else in the United States would do, which is go to the vitamin places and get your vitamins.

“But I think at the same time, I created a lot of awareness for a lot of the young guys. Not just young guys, but current Major League Baseball players that didn’t know this could happen to them. So my job was to fight to the end and clear my name. For me, that was the most important thing. I achieved that and I’m happy with it.”


* Jason Motte, arbitration-eligible for the first time this winter, on his contract situation: “I’m sure there’s discussions going on, but my agent probably knows a little better about that. … I’m sure there’s stuff. Mo would probably know. I know there probably are discussions, but my job is to do it on the field. That’s why I have agents, so they can do that kind of stuff off the field.”

Safe to say it’s not weighing real heavily on him.


* Shelby Miller will also be spotlighted at a little more length, but he made it very clear he has high hopes and even expectations of making it onto the big league club at some point in 2012.

“I think I’d be disappointed [if it didn’t happen],” he said, “but I’d get over it.”

Miller also talked some about what he learned from his suspension last year and the maturing process he’s going through. Check the site later.


* There was some talk last year about Matt Adams perhaps getting some outfield work. However, he said that hasn’t been anywhere in the picture for him. It has been brought up to him, in fairly broad strokes, but he said he hasn’t spent even a single day working on playing the outfield. He does have an outfielder’s glove, though.


* Daniel Descalso enjoyed going on the Cardinals Caravan, except for one thing: it kept him from watching his beloved 49ers yesterday. He said he’s pulling for the Packers as San Francisco’s opponent in the next round, perhaps even with an eye on making it to Lambeau field for the game.



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