Final round of Warm-Up tidbits: Beltran edition

Carlos Beltran was engaging and entertaining over his session chatting with us before he signed. A few tidbits:


* Beltran will wear No. 3.


* He didn’t express any real preference as to a spot in the batting order.

“I’ve hit second in the past, a little bit with the Mets, a little bit with Houston. I don’t mind. As players sometimes you go through situations where you’re swinging the bat well and the manager feels that he wants to hit you third or fourth. That’s his decision. I’m just going to come to the ballpark every day prepared to play, and wherever he needs me, I’ll be there.”


* Asked about the finalists to sign him, Beltran named the Indians, Rays and Giants along with the Cardinals.


* He explained that the easiest thing last year, with Angel Pagan around as a capable center fielder for the Mets, and Beltran recuperating from knee trouble, was just to go ahead and move him to right field from the start.

“Let me play right field and let Pagan play center field, and if later on in the season you need me playing center, then you know, I’m fine. I have played center for 12 years and I feel very comfortable playing center. But moving to right, it was an easy transition for me. So if they need a center fielder, I will prepare myself to be there.”


* Finally, I asked him about something J.D. Drew said a few years ago: that for a player with knee trouble, center field could actually be easier on the knees than right field. Drew’s contention was that in center, you can sort of glide to a stop, whereas in right field you sometimes have very sudden stops, which is difficult on the knees. It’s fair to say that Beltran doesn’t agree.

“No way. There’s no way, because you have to cover right center. You have to cover left center. You have to cover a groundball to second base. You have to cover a groundball to shortstop. In right field, a ball to left field, I just stand.”


That’ll about wrap it up. They’re not bringing any more players in today. We’ll have two full stories on the site, about Allen Craig and about Beltran, as well as a notebook and plenty of video. Hope you’ve enjoyed all of the content this weekend.



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Thanks for all you have done Matt. I have enjoyed your tremendous insight. Good luck in your new position.

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