Here we are



The time has come, and for once I have very little idea of what to say or write. As of today, I’m no longer the Cardinals beat writer for I’ve handed the reins to Jenifer Langosch, who has covered the Pirates for us for the past five years, and I begin my new journey writing more national and analytical pieces for


Here’s Jenifer’s hello to all of you, and I hope you’ll take a minute and go read it. I would wish her luck, but she doesn’t need it. She’s going to do great work and I’m eager to read it.


I don’t really have a lot to add that I haven’t already said. This blog isn’t going away, and neither is my twitter feed. The focus will obviously be a bit different, though I’m sure some folks would argue there’s never been much of a focus to OYNAG or my twitter feed anyway. We’re not moving to New York for another couple of months. For the coming weeks, I’m going to be feeling out what exactly it is that the new job is going to look like.


But I just wanted to pass along, one more time, my thanks to everyone for making a truly amazing chapter in my life what it was.




The pleasure has been all ours. You’ve been an incredible writer that has effectively weighed your unbiased opinions with our adoration of the Cardinals. This is a saddest day for a Cardinals fan since Black Thursday (December 8th). Over the past couple of seasons, you’ve earned that spot in our hearts that the fan favorite Cardinals earn. I hope your experience in New York is as great as it was in St. Louis!

Good luck Matthew (although you won’t need it either). You’ve done a great job in the STL and I, for one, will keep following you on Twitter and OYNAG. I hope you’ll find time to write about us underappreciated Midwesterners from time to time. I know you’ll do great at your new gig.

I will miss reading your posts. They have always been a part of my daily post game reading material. Best of luck to you! MLB is lucky to have such a great and knowledgeable writer. Don’t forget about us here in baseball land. I am sure you won’t forget the Cardinals and I can only imagine what is like to be so close to such a historic franchise with such a loyal fan base. Good luck and I look forward to reading your national pieces!

Another St. Louis Cardinals offseason change. Enough already! I’ve enjoyed your work in STL and look forward to your new stuff. Congrats.

Just realized what happened after reading Jennifer’s first cardinals inbox. Always enjoyed your writing. But more importantly, I’m losing the chance to discover new music while also catching up on cards news. Oh well. Best of luck to ya!

Matthew, I once told someone that I almost liked following the off season and in season stories of baseball off the field as much as I liked watching the games. Being a Cardinals fan a lot of that had to do with your’s and The Comish’s columns. Congrats on the promotion. Though I’ll miss the hometown Cardinals feel of the articles, I look forward to following your national coverage. Well deserved Enjoy New York!

Good luck to you. Thanks for the years of good Cards coverage and recommendations for good tunes.

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