Lucky Seven: Two is a streak

Welcome to the second non-StL-centric edition of Lucky Seven. Let’s get rolling, shall we?


1. Pardon me a little synergy here. In this article, I examined some of the various candidates for the title of best player in baseball. In your  mind, who’s the best right now?


2. Heck, while we’re at it, who’s the best pitcher in the game?


3. Which team will employ A.J. Burnett when Spring Training games start?


4. A lot of you named the Phillies last week as the NL’s best team. Which NL East team will give them the most trouble this year?


5. Granting that the MLB All-Star game is the best (c’mon, you know this is true), which is second-best? NBA, NHL, or Pro Bowl?


6. Last really great meal you had at a restaurant?


7. Best novel you’ve read recently?




1) Longoria
2) Halladay
3) Pirates
4) Marlins
5) NHL
6) Oklahoma Joe’s. C’mon.
7) I don’t know if it counts since I’ve read exclusive performance analysis books in the last 4 months, but Dean Oliver’s “Basketball on Paper” is incredible in that respect.

1. Albert until proven otherwise.
2. Verlander by a hair over Halliday.
3. Guessing Pirates.
4. Braves.
5. NBA
6. Dinner at Mai Lee in STL. A bunch of us brought in several bottles of great wine and asked the owner, who is also into wine, to “just cook” for us. Couldn’t tell you what we ate except it was phenomenal and really went well with the vino. Great Vietnamese cuisine.
7. The Twenty-Seventh City, by Jonathan Franzen. Not new by any means but great insight into the issues and problems in a city “very much like St Louis.”

1. Obviously, many players could have this title, In my opinion, its Matt Kemp…what he did, with the little protection he had, the power, speed, and glove gives him the edge.
2. Verlander, an explanation isn’t really needed.
3. Pittsburgh.
4. I think all teams, except the Mets, have a shot at giving them trouble. But the Braves have the best shot of winning the division
5. I don’t really like any of the games more then their respective skills competitions, but I’d have to go with the NBA all-star game.
6. Can’t ever go wrong with a burger from Christy’s or SmashBurger

1. Miguel Cabrera
2. Best in my silly Cardinal-biased heart: Carpenter. Realistic pick is Verlander.
3. Yankees.
4. Braves. Marlins and Nationals are unproven
5. Though they’re all pretty boring, the NBA has the slam dunk competition.
6. Pizza at Three Monkeys in Tower Grove, STL.
7. Apathy and other small victories – Paul Neilan.

1. Pujols, though Kemp can certainly take that title with a second solid year in a row. Cabrera is solid every season, but his D hurts him.
2. Halladay and Verlander pretty much tie. Solid cases can be made for both.
3. San Diego seems like a good fit.
4. Braves.

1. Still Pujols, although Ryan Braun is showing that kind of consistency year in, year out. Not at Pujols level, but certainly above most everyone else.
2. Based on the last several years (not familiar enough with AL pitchers), I’d say either Halladay or Lincecum.
3. Pirates
4. Marlins
5. All the others are crap, in my opinion.
6. Famous Dave’s. Love the BBQ.
7. N/A

1. Matt Kemp
2. Clayton Kershaw
3. PIrates
4. Braves
5. NBA Slam Dunk Contest
6. Pi Pizzeria
7. The Tiger’s Wife

OK, here’s a slanted response:

1. I guess Pujols has to be it. No one puts the fear into pitchers like Barry Bonds (most intentional walks, although a lackluster team helps) or batters like Randy Johnson (retired as a Giant…🙂 ). Randy put *much* more fear into batters while at UCLA from a lack of control…🙂

2. Lincecum, who else?🙂

3. A’s?🙂

4. Braves (FYI, I caught MLB saying Randy was the most feared during a two hour thunderstorm delay at Turner Field). The way Freddie Freeman threw his helmet while making the last out of the season shows a fire that comes from failure. Look out this year!

5. IDK. Don’t watch them, but it says something about the Pro Bowl when they want to cancel it.

6. Benihana Calamari & Steak

7. Blood Oath

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