Lucky Seven: Another reboot

OK, one thing I really need to start doing more in my new gig is blogging. This can be a great outlet for all sorts of cool stuff, and it’s been underutilized. And since it’s a Thursday, it seems like a fine day for a new Lucky Seven.


Here’s how it works: seven questions for you to answer. About half baseball, plus some other sports and some not-at-all-sports. The rule here is the rule everywhere at this blog: courtesy. If you don’t like a question, or aren’t interested in the topic, just don’t answer. Don’t tell me “nobody cares about (x topic),” because, well, obviously at least I do.


1. The Orioles have played a tough schedule and have a positive run differential, so their record isn’t ALL smoke and mirrors. Still, are you buying? Is this a playoff team?


2. All five teams are still in it in the NL East. Yes, even the Phillies. Who you got? Which team wins it?


3. Cardinals, Reds, or Field in the NL Central?


4. Albert Pujols has four homers in 44 games. How many will he have at the end of the year?


5. Indy, Charlotte, or Monaco? (Or, as with me, all three?)


6. Of the six teams left in the NBA playoffs, who will win it all?


7. Best album you’ve heard this year?




1. No and no. I think there is some regression imminent.
2. The Barves
3. Cardinals
4. 19
5. Monaco
6. Thunder Up!
7. “Welcome Home” by Red Collar

1. Ask me in July.
2. Braves or Washington. Not sure I can trust that Philly lineup.
3. Cardinals
4. 31 Homeruns
5. Charlotte. (I haven’t been to any of them though)
6. Thunder. Durant all day.
7. Blunderbuss – Jack White

1) yes, still buying

2) braves. May be best team in NL

3) cards if they are still able to field a team by next week

4) 26

5) Monaco of course

6) winner of Spurs / Thunder. Homer pick is Thunder

7) Tie Best Coast and Beach House. A third is Suckers. All great in their own right.

1. Still buying, but not a playoff team.
2. Phillies. Pitching still carries them over the long haul. Getting Howard back doesn’t hurt either.
3. Cards but Reds must be respected…and put down like the dogs they are.
4. Around 25. Albert will right his ship but the days of 35 are over (for this year anyway)
5. Indy cause the family that owns it is so weird.
6. OKC
7. Trouble in Mind by Hayes Carll. Warren Zevon goes alt country.

1. They’ve done this to me too many times. I’d love to believe, but they still don’t feel like a playoff team.
2. Braves – win one for the Chipper!
3. If the Cardinals have kept playing like they are with all these injuries, how can you bet against them?
4. 19
6. OKC
7. I’m awful, boring and old, so the only “new” record I’ve heard so far this year is Foo Fighters, Wasting Light. (It’s still early- right?)

1. Yes, because of 2 team WC system.
2. Phillies. Getting Howard back mid-season would help…mostly I think the other teams are paper tigers.
3. I’ll take the Cards…noted I’m a homer.
4. 32. Because someone already said 31.
5. Probably none…but it’d be Monaco if it was anything.
6. Been saying it since January, I think this might be the Thunder’s year.
7. It’s not new, but the 9 Disc Winterland ’73 Grateful Dead box set I got in February is pretty boss.

1. If the Orioles (or any team really) can stay healthy, I think they are legit. Hope they are definetely.

2. Braves. Think they learned from last year.

3. Cardinals. They are staying on top right now regardless of the injury epidemic that has plagued them all year. Once again it’s that ‘injury’ word again.

4. Albert will be lucky to reach 20 at his current rate. He’s on pace to finish with around 15. I’ll give him credit and stick with 20. I’d take the under @20 for sure.

5. Indy, from what my neighbor tells me.

6. Thunder over the Heat in 7.

7. N/A

1. Selling. Orioles won’t be able to keep this up all year.
2. Phillies, because the offense will improve when they get Howard back, and Doc will NOT keep pitching the way he has.
3. Cardinals. Still strong if the pen holds up. If not, the Reds.
4. Albert will finish 29.
5. Indy.
6. Spurs are the veteren team, unbeaten in the playoffs, and have the ability to beat the Thunder. But I’d rather see the Thunder. The Heat…. no depth.
7. Wiz Khalifa- Rolling Papers

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